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Dungbuster Greenwash™

Dungbuster Greenwash™
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Dungbuster Greenwash™

New Green Wash Dungbuster™ Dual Core Yard Cleaning System

Are you planning to be using Green wash from separated recycled effluent to wash the yards?

Being in contact with effluent poses a human health risk so washing down with a yard hose pumping recycled effluent may not be the best solution for the health of the user, this in addition to the time factor.

To Eliminate time and Eliminate health hazards we can now offer the Dungbuster Dual Core Greenwash ™
The system which is designed to take the recycled effluent through a very unique and patented system of spray direction and scraper blades.

The Dual Core system allows for Greenwash and clean wash rinse, design complaint with Fonterra rules on greenwash use