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Case Studies - Smart Yards™

The project listed here are a snapshot of what we have done over the years, projects are listed in year order, latest ones first, older ones last.

A snap shot of a project may give you a quick way to establish if any of our make farming ezy product solutions would work for you. We can also put you in contact with the farmer related to the project if you feel its beneficial to have a chat.

Site all ready to go...Careful preparation for installing handler and force area.Hydra-Commander first in place.Setting panels in place.Securing all panels and gates to concrete.Safe and clean area, Hydra-Commander all set on scales.Cat-walk and curved panels.Silent pins to reduce noise.Job complete in less than a day.
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New replacement yard

Year Completed: 2015

Location: Te Ore Ore Bideford Rd., Masterton


Replace old timber yard with a low maintenance, safe and simple yard where one man can manage by himself if necessary.


An effective smart yard with a concrete base in the main high pressure work area. Simple to use with perfect weighing area and vet facilities.

A wet and muddy site with little useful attribute.Site scraped off and boxed for the concreteLove a bit of new concrete...All set for the steel.Just like that!Hydra-Commander Handler, makes working with all stock safe and simple.Cat-walk and curved panels, Handler and a safe zone to work in.Loading ramp.Click to get a better look...
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Small New Yard

Year Completed: 2013


Ardmore, Auckland


New yard at top of the property for easy and safe work with stock for one man.


A tidy yard utilising the surroundings for loading ramp using a small bank. Not too much earthworks, improved the site with a very handy small yard.