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Design And Manufacturing

Design and Manufacture is the core of our unique product solutions.

Designing a product takes time and effort and costs money. Very few people appreciate that the cost of a product is more than just labour and materials.

The manufacture of a product is a highly skilled task. Refinements in application and purpose mean that things are not always right first time. With many of our products having customized options production planning to delivery is critical.

Where possible TechniPharm has its own manufacturing partners who are totally committed to producing a top quality product with the aim to give you the best product solution to make farming ezy.

Cattle And Dairy Handling Equipment Manufacture

Cattle And Dairy Handling Equipment Manufacture

Cattle and Dairy Handlers take a lot of resource planning and time to get the perfect result.

Once an order is confirmed, design plans and product specification drive the production process.

All products start with raw materials which are cut and prepared for production. Once that part is complete it's off to sandblasting or prep coating stage, then coating (galvanizing or zincshield) and finally assembly and quality control.

Once all checked the product is ready for dispatch and delivery to your farm.

"we make farming ezy"

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