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Cattle Handling

Handling cattle is on many farms a chore and a dangerous one at that, old facilities and yards designed with the handling needs of yesteryear are not cutting it.
More and more farmers are starting to invest in facilities which have a much broader objective and accommodate a new approach to safety and health standards. At TechniPharm we pride ourselves in designing and building high performance cattle handling facilities which are designed with an animal behaviour science background, aiming to eliminate as much stress for the animal as possible and secondly create as much safety and control for the operator as possible.

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Brand promise iBeef

Brand Promise Cattle Handling iBeef

The origin of a brand or branding is very old, the practice of branding originates in identifying the need by farmers to identify ownership of livestock in a way which is unique and easily visible. Even in todays digital world, the US brand registers are the only form of legal livestock ownership identification. A brand is a permanent marker and in todays commercial world a brand confirms a product or companies value proposition. The TechniPharm brand has been designed along the principles of Cattle Brand criteria and its value proposition is described in the attached PDF file. The Cattle Handling brand will be visible on all our promotion material and equipment and will be your guarantee of genuine ownership and pride.

Cattle Handling Categories

Cattle Handlers

Cattle Handlers

Cattle Handling Bull Beef

Cattle Handling Bull Beef

Cattle Handling Headbails and Cattle Crush

Cattle Handling Headbails and Cattle Crush

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