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Cattle Handlers for High Performance

Choosing a Cattle Handler is important.. it will, to a degree, shape the future of performance on farm, much like choosing genetics in your breeding program... TechniPharm® has a superb range of cattle handlers to suit your needs from set models with specific features and benefits as well as the Infinity Custom build to a purpose range If you are after a product that has received many awards and the ticks all the desired boxes, that is safe and out performs all other handlers, a TechniPharm® Cattle Handler is your only choice.

Cattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers Introduction
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Cattle Handlers Introduction

High Performance Stock Handling Starts Here

When you want high performance , come to the right place, TechniPharm® is the home of innovative and proven high performance Cattle Handling equipment with many valuable innovations and awards to its credit. For instance It is well documented that ratchets on headbails stress cattle out. TechniPharm® from day one has only used silent locking systems. Many other features and animal behaviour science based features mean you will get you high perforce all the way. TechniPharm® has won many awards for its designs, the Handlers are designed and built for the purpose, not for the price, yet when you compare our products feature for feature dollar for dollar you will find TechniPharm® is extremely competitively priced. The all new Infinity range of handlers sets again a new Hallmark in tailor design and bringing to farmers the best solution for the job by measured outcomes. All Infinity Handlers are 100% NZ designed and manufactured ! Our newly aligned, no compromise designs, in an all new range of Handers will ensure you get the best. For safe and great animal access its the best line up ever. Scroll through the options and features and download a quickfact sheet or a full information pack right here. Or give us a call NZ 0800 80 90 98 AUS 1800 124 034

Awards and innovations to give you buying confidence 30 years of trusted quality, innovative and proven make farming ezy solutions High performance starts here

Infinity Range Of High Performance Cattle HandlersInfinity Range Of High Performance Cattle HandlersInfinity Range Of High Performance Cattle HandlersInfinity Range Of High Performance Cattle Handlers
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Infinity Range Of High Performance Cattle Handlers

High Performance Suitability To Purpose Designed For You

For many years many animal handling companies have been very limited in their offerings to farmers by what is commonly known as a model by model approach, fixed features to a price model 1 and so one. For the buyer this means a risk that either the equipment is under or over specifications to purpose. Often when the unit is on farm its to late to change. We are also seeing units made in China with very limited features and options, very limited design to purpose consideration and often substandard manufacturing quality. At TechniPharm we have 30 years of pride in both our equipment and designs. Our team in design and sales have always worked towards delivering to a purpose, rather than just a price. There is no point in proving cheap and low quality driven by price and not achieving the outcomes required on farm. We are certain we have the most thought through headbail and handling systems any company can offer. We have more equipment design awards then any other company in NZ or Australia The next step in design is giving our clients total control over what they want and need in a Handler. Where in fixed models you are stuck with a certain headbail or entry gate, in our new Infinity- Handler™ range you choose what you need by clear identification of the end outcome. This way of designing a Cattle Handler means purpose, price and design are perfectly matched. This new way of matching design to purpose is possible through a very clever piece of software which allows total interaction by the farmer in the ordering process. Once the parameters are know the system creates the Cattle Handler and confirms this via a price offer or invoice. The details of the design go direct to the manufacturing facility in Tauranga and your handler is manufactured exactly to the specifications you have decided to best meet your animal handling needs At TechniPharm we consider this a leap forward in using smart technology with market demands, call it an internet of things interruption In time we think hauling steel to Field days and shows be a thing of the past , there is a huge cost to this which is paid for in the end by the customer. The new way of ordering your handler with the absolute security that it is fit for purpose does not lay in a steel box on show... its achieved by understanding and matching what you do step by step and match design and final product to that need. This new Infinity-Handler™ totally engaged system allows for that to happen . The Infinity-Handler™ range is backed up by a 100% money back guarantee and a brand upgrade policy which gives you an 80% trade value guarantee towards the next model up within 5 years of purchase date. Build your own infinity handler at www.technipharm.co.nz/infinity-series/


Highflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-readyHighflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-readyHighflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-readyHighflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-readyHighflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-readyHighflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-ready
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Highflow 260 Hd Extreme™ Cattle Handler Farm-ready

The Golden Standard In Handling Cattle

The Highflow 260 HD Extreme™ has been designed from the ground up, taking on board considerations and ideas from farmers accross NZ and AUS from the last 30 years. This is the Golden Standard in handling. High Performance starts right here... The Highflow 260 HD Extreme™ is designed for the very serious stockman. This is the stake in the ground where real handling starts and mediocre handling stops. For far too long the market has been serviced by beer budgets-champagne expected outcomes. The Highflow 260 HD Extreme is not just about steel or power... its about clever and intelligent engineering for a purpose. The purpose is to stress free hold any size of beast and give the operator ultimate safe control. Highflow 260 HD Extreme™ headbail creates room to work while holding the animal safe and secure. Its a robust system, fingertip controlled. Highflow 260 HD Extreme™ is serious handling equipment for the very serious non-compromising professional farmer. The positioning of the EID panel is unique and delivers great reach and reading ability where it counts! Full head access front and back ensures you can do what it takes in safety and comfort. No Bull hold money back guarantee This is what Susan and Roger Twin Oak Angus have to say about Highflow 260 Happy to talk to anyone who wants to about the handler we love it! We believe the Highflow 260 is the best piece of cattle handling equipment on the market. In the current environment of health and safety keeping our staff, family and ourselves safe while working with cattle is crucial. A job that is made simple with the Highflow 260. The angle of the head bale gives easy and safe access for injections, drenching or capsules. The cattle are caught and held securely so they dont move around or get stressed. Having the three-way drafter makes for stress-free drafting and sorting of stock. We would recommend the Highflow 260 as an essential part of any cattle yarding system. Roger and Susan Hayward Twin Oaks Angus NZ At John Chapmans Temuka Quarantine station over 100.000 animals went through the Highflow 260 in 12 months, high performance is the key win this operation where often several 1000 animals go through the unit per day. In 2019 John and Liz Mckerchar obtained a new Highflow 260 for their Early Gestation bull complex, after the first sale on the new block and having handled several hundred bulls Johns comments are, Superior handling, great access to the head which is what we need for our operation, couldnt be happier, also the Presto shed cover we invested in just made it so easy and comfortable for all to get the job done John or Liz are happy to talk to any farmer wanting to share in the benefits of the Highflow 260 handler

The Highflow 260 Handler is the Golden standard in high performance handling, its priced to make sure you get best value and we stay in business.


#8 Cattle Handler#8 Cattle Handler#8 Cattle Handler#8 Cattle Handler
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#8 Cattle Handler

Farm- Ready #8 Cattle Handler

For accross the board performance get a infinity #8 for your forward pack. On the field or in the yard, a #8 in your forward pack will always pay. This great new active hydraulic unit will take all the hard labour out of the job and gives increased safety, reduce animal stress and increase staff/handler performance. A job well done is always worth sharing! Get this #8 in your team today! Example units installed accross the country, including a quarantine station pushing through 38000 head in one month! Can be delivered as standard Farm Ready  stock item or fully customised through Infinity Build

Our brand policy allows a 80% trade credit within 5 years if you choose to upgrade within that period of time

$28950.00 NZD + GST
Part No. CH#8H

Full active Hydraulics, taking all we know to better and higher performance to make your farming ezy

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Farm- Ready Midranger™ Handler

The Midranger™ is a great unit for all basic Cattle Handling needs and is even equipped with a single side squeeze for better control. With a great silent locking head bail and and rear operation option, this unit is a great investment for beef producers needing a good range of features and benefits.

Add a weighsystem and or EId for total integration in your farm management system 

Our brand policy allows a 80% trade credit within 5 years if you choose to upgrade within that period of time

$15950.00 NZD + GST
Part No. CHMRG

Beefmaster Classic
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Beefmaster Classic

Farm-ready Basic Cattle Handling At Entry Investment

The Beefmaster was one of the most popular handlers we manufactured before it was superseded by the Midranger. By popular demand we have now brought to life the Beefmaster Classic a great hybrid entry unit. 

Best Cattle handler for the basics of handling and weighing. 

With our 80% trade in guarantee you can upgrade this unit to any other unit in our range within 5 years and only pay the differece between the trade price and the new price of the upgrade.

This brand gurantee means you can always be 100% for sure your needs in handling are being met and not locked in at the time you buy the Handler . 


$12500.00 NZD + GST
Part No. CHBMC

Cattle Handler Hanging Handler KitCattle Handler Hanging Handler KitCattle Handler Hanging Handler KitCattle Handler Hanging Handler KitCattle Handler Hanging Handler Kit
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Cattle Handler Hanging Handler Kit

Suitable For All Full Size Technipharm® Cattle Handlers

The hanging frame allows a Cattle Handler to be hung on weighbars rather than set onto weighbars. Weighbars above the unit make it very stable and properly balanced when weighing plus your bars and cables are out of the mud and free from water, dung and rodent damage. The frame also provides the framework to attach a roof to work under cover. A superior design option for a permanent system set up. Commonly used in Australia on larger properties. Please note: This hanging option is suitable for the Highflow 260 HD Extreme ™ , #8 ™ , Cattle Pro Midranger™ or Hydracommander™ Cattle Handlers.


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Weighcrate - Your Taylor Made System

When you just want a weighcrate TechniPharm has just the solution. The base is a fully hotdipped polybelted V shape crate/handler unit (we use these for our Dairy Teatspray units which get an extremely hard use and many thousands of cows pounding over them every day). This crate can be equipped with either open or closed double acting slide gates, or choose a Midranger Junior Headbail and rear operation for one position one person use, add a set of extended 2000 KG or 3500 KG weigh bars and you are set to go. Add a rubber lined floor for silent operation. These units are made to order from standard components, allow minimal 2-3 weeks from day of order to delivery.


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The Lazy-boy For Cattle

When handling cattle there are always a few animals which decide to drop to their knees. When this happens handling becomes difficult. We have designed Poz-Aid™ to improve the placement of animals in your Handler.


Calf Handler All New DesignCalf Handler All New DesignCalf Handler All New Design
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Calf Handler All New Design

Great Crate For All Dairy Calf Management

A simple but very effective calf handler to hold the calf securely for dehorning/tagging and other jobs. Equipped with holding jaw brace and backup chain and an easy close and open headbail. It can be mounted on weighbars for weighing to confirm progress weight gain. This all new design has no plywood but a new composite material, easy clean and a strong fibre grate non slip floor. A great unit for all Calf work. Option:...Get a set of weigh bars and a monitor with this for a great package price Limited stock, conditions may apply.

$1695.00 NZD + GST
Part No. CHCH