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Case Studies - iDairy® Farm

The project listed here are a snapshot of what we have done over the years, projects are listed in year order, latest ones first, older ones last.

A snap shot of a project may give you a quick way to establish if any of our make farming ezy product solutions would work for you. We can also put you in contact with the farmer related to the project if you feel its beneficial to have a chat.

Click below for Environmental Case Studies.

Before... note aluminium extrusion very close to wearing on concreteJust got it before its too late!Just needs a bit of TLC!Check filters. This one needed replacing totally, see next picture.Filter incorrectly replaced by other servicing company. TechniPharm has the right stuff...Much better.Spotless, oil okay and ready for another season.Done!!
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  DungBuster servicing

Year Completed: 2020


Putaruru, Waikato.


Service old DungBuster unit to make like new again.


New blades, new fittings and all just in time!

The overall planEntry to existing loading ramp3600 entry lane gateMidrange HandlerNew grip catwalkCurve race to Handler
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Dairy Conversion Smart Yard

Year Completed: 2019

Location: Corromandel


Use of existing unused dairy shed at run off to provide for new handling facility for
young stock and beef


A compact design Smart Yard system with easy flow and great handling facility

Existing structureUnder constructionFinal productExisting Structure wooden retainer walls only, concrete blocks added for separation and back wall
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Presto Shed Feed Storage Bin

Year Completed: 2019

Location: Rerewhakaaitu


Provide removable roof for existing structure bins with objective to keep feed dry and clean


PrestoShed Roof ( retractable) with gutters for rain diversion. New divider wall and rear wall ( concrete blocks)

Concrete read stamped for best tractionBuild in progressHandling area, note concrete catwalksLead in to Force areaBirds eye, note effluent collection on RH side
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Youngstock and Dry Cows Handling Yard Large Capacity

Year Completed: 2019

Location: Hunter Waimate


Large mob handling for range of stock ranging from weaners Waiugu X, dairy heifers and dry cows frequent use, collection all effluent


High performance hydraulic handling system with Auto drafter under covered (previous sheep shed) and large mob lead in pens Full EID.
Full Effluent containment. Concreted area 300 m2

Offside showing side & vet gatesOperating side with scale monitor standSplit entry gate with single handle operationOverall view on operating side
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New Dairy, new Supreme Handler

Year Completed: 2016

Location: Opunake


To make handling, weighing, hoof trimming as Ezy as possible


Top of the line Dairy handling for new shed

Soil turned first concrete inBuild in rapid progressAlmost thereMilking !Cowhouse 600 cows linked to Dairyshed
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New Dairy Shed

Year Completed: 2010

Location: Glenavy


To create a modern high volume throughput Rotary dairy milk harvesting platform and related animal management system aswell as interlinking race and effluent system to Cowhouse


1) Rational and clear specifications created for maximised output and value for money for client
2) Transparent comparisons of price V value from 3rd party contractors
3) Engage contractors and execute plans and build
4) Deadline 1 July and transfer from old shed to new shed within 12 hours achieved

Handler, drafter and load outCurve race and work in progressYard system overviewForce pen and 360 gate in action
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Dairy Support yards

Year Completed: 2009

Location: Tapanui


High volume young stock yards for replacement dairy herd


Full yard and Dairy handling, drafter and load out, main features Curve race and initial 360 force yard, Supreme handler which later on went to the Dairy farm and was replaced with a Hydracommander handler

Used for everything under the sun Dairy Caddy is topsUsed by many vets and carried on the tow bar ready for the next jobAn easy step up was developed in 2017Great work safely done every time !
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Safe support frame/stool for Tailpaint, cow test and AI in Herringbone shed

Year Completed: 2001

Location: Nationwide


To create a movable support frame for farmers to easily tail paint, pregames test, AI and read air tags


The Dairy caddy ™ concept was originally provided from a 450 raised platform which then over the years evolved to a 650, 700 and extendable version, fully braked and mobil so it could be move along the pit wall. Various innovation awards have been received for this innovation and many thousands are in use throughout NZ Dairy Sheds

The overall plan and view from the hillEasy oversight from all anglesWorking the weights is easy as
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Figure 8 yard

Year Completed: 2000

Location: Taumarunui


Create a high performance efficient handling facility for a dairy herd and replacement stock


Figure 8 yard with electric backing gates full console control