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Make farming ezy solutions for food and fibre producers.

Thanks for attending our first Farm-Ready™ Field Day!

Thanks to those farmers who attended our first Farm-Ready™ Factory Field Day on the 29th of June.

We had a great time and enjoyed interaction with our clients and the ‘Gallagher’ team whom supported us on site.

Big thanks to our local coffee trailer ‘Short & Sweet’ sisterhood.

For those who missed out, connect with us today …


We make farming ezy.

TechniPharm International Ltd is a leading supplier of specialised agricultural equipment solutions and related services. The products the company markets and sells are categorised in three main categories – DAIRY, BEEF and SHEEP Farming. Each category has its own range of specialised, innovative and leading products with the purpose, to make farming ezy.

Plan ahead
Please plan early and let us know well ahead of time your needs, particularly if they are customised. With supply chain challenges here to stay for the foreseeable future we can no longer rely on a 'just in time' supply line.

Inflation adjustment for fuel, raw materials and wages
All prices are under pressure. To stay ahead of these and secure operating margins and best product to you, we may apply an adjustment on the final invoice relevant to the product affected.

TechniPharm Agricultural Equipment and Farming Equipment Solutions

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