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3-way Drafter™

3-way Drafter™
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3-way Drafter™

Drafting straight out of a headbail or handler is now a piece of cake! This multi purpose drafter has self locking access gates, this allows you full access to the headbail. You can operate it manually, rope and pulley or fully automatic linked in with your weigh monitor. Drafting in the direction Cattle want to go naturally is superior to drafting out of a Handler or side gate. The unit pays for itself by extra options to draft, speed and ezy no stress handling

Drafting manually by pulley and rope is the base requirement, but with a bit of technology like a weigh system and EID reading system it can be fully automated.

All you would need to do is set the draft parameters and the drafter will automatically set the gate to draft the animals in the right group.
Performance farming becomes a reality and easy job this way.

In between options are possible also, all with the same base 3 way draft module
Multiple 3 way draft options up to 9 ways can be accommodated.

Check the quick facts for all the options.