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#8 Cattle Handler

#8 Cattle Handler#8 Cattle Handler#8 Cattle Handler#8 Cattle Handler
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#8 Cattle Handler

Farm- Ready #8 Cattle Handler

For accross the board performance get a infinity #8 for your forward pack. On the field or in the yard, a #8 in your forward pack will always pay. This great new active hydraulic unit will take all the hard labour out of the job and gives increased safety, reduce animal stress and increase staff/handler performance. A job well done is always worth sharing! Get this #8 in your team today! Example units installed accross the country, including a quarantine station pushing through 38000 head in one month! Can be delivered as standard Farm Ready  stock item or fully customised through Infinity Build

Our brand policy allows a 80% trade credit within 5 years if you choose to upgrade within that period of time

$28950.00 NZD + GST
Part No. CH#8H

Full active Hydraulics, taking all we know to better and higher performance to make your farming ezy


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