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Advance Traveling Irrigator

Advance Traveling IrrigatorAdvance Traveling IrrigatorAdvance Traveling IrrigatorAdvance Traveling Irrigator
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Advance Traveling Irrigator

The Advanced Model For Todays Fde Compliant Systems With Rapidflow™ Boom

To be environmentally compliant you have to have good systems. At the end of any system is always some sort of spreading / distribution device! This is where it actually happens, this where the "rubber hits the road" or shall we say "crap hits the grass" so it makes sense to have a well designed and manufactured unit. Achieve best effluent output with the unique Variable Direct Drive Advance Irrigator. The extremely robust and patented drive mechanism means an optimum conversion of pump energy to drive energy, quick setup plus low maintenance. This unit is Robust and well made, to last the distance.
Great ability to vary the application rate from as little as 5 mm per application to well over 100 mm. (unit shown is the mega advance)

Independent test results confirm

*Overlap 28-30 meters no spacing's between runs gave a high uniformity

*This irrigator was able to apply effluent at a very low rate which indicates it could match infiltration and water holding of many soils.

*with higher operating pressures this machine can have a high uniformity with the overlapped application coefficient of variation for a single transect attaining levels around the Fertilizer Spreader benchmark of 0.15

*with the low application rates this machine can achieve, multiple passes in a season are a viable option


NOW with Rapidfow boom which means less energy pumping more energy spreading & ower applications.

Check the Du rating and specific guide and performance chart!!

FDE Good practice on Application Uniformity
All liquid FDE land application systems must achieve a DUuq (as defined in the accompanying FDE Design Code of Practice) of no greater than 1.25.



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