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Animal Care: Anlift & Pelvic Lifter

Valuable Dairy cows should not go to waste... at around $2000 for a milking cow you simply need to do the sums.
Spend a few hours and some dollars giving her a new chance and possible lease of life, or let her go and replace her..... and yes replacement cows cost you a lot more than trying to save the downer cow.. It may not seem like that at the time... but do the sums and you will soon see the benefits of recovery.

Anlift Cowlifters
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Anlift Cowlifters

Awarded as best lifter on the market. This is not a potato sling but a proper front to rear support frame and canvas sling to support animals for longer periods. It is the very best way to get blood circulating again, which is vital to get the animal back on its feet. (2 size options, medium & large).

$1295.00 NZD + GST


Pelvic Lifter(tm)
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Pelvic Lifter™

Fast Recovery For Downer Cows

A humane lift and support device for down cattle. The Pelvic Lifter lifts under the pelvis, whilst the hip support positions the device and assists during lifting. It is simple in its action and like hip clamps to apply. The Pelvic Lifter is developed by a veterinarian and is a god send for downer cows.

$1295.00 NZD + GST
Part No. PLFTR