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Animal Care: Anlift & Pelvic Lifter

Heavy calving, grass staggers, or a roll down the hill, cows do go down from time to time. To get them up is not always easy and hipclamps are not ideal. TechniPharm has some very innovative well proven solutions..

Pelvic Lifter
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Pelvic Lifter

Fast Recovery For Down Cattle

A humane lift and support device for down cattle. The Pelvic Lifter lifts under the pelvis, whilst the hip support positions the device and assists during lifting. It is simple and easy to apply. The Pelvic Lifter has been developed by a veterinarian and is a great product for downed cows.


Anlift Cowlifters
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Anlift Cowlifters

Awarded as best lifter on the market. This is not a potato sling but a proper front to rear support frame and canvas to support animals for longer periods. It is the very best way to get blood circulating again, which is vital to get the animal back on its feet. (Med and large sizes available - please call for the price of a large Anlift Cowlifter).

$1295.00 NZD + GST