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Animal Care: Cow brush

With many opportunities for cows to have a good scratch removed from most farms ( hedges and trees) Cows are short of scratching opportunities. Dust and unwanted insects irritate the cows more then they should. Cow brushes are great alternative for general grooming and cow care. Cows like them and feel better for it. Better feeling cows means more production.

Open Access Cow Brush And Tick Control
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Open Access Cow Brush And Tick Control

Yards Or Open Spaces Where Cows "love To Hang Out"

Cows love a scratch so why deny them the possibility

This great new cow brush is designed specially for NZ and Aus "open air farms"

Based on the very successful cow house vertical and horizontal cow brush systems

This brush is ideal for open spaced to give access for a scratch, several cows can access the brush at the same time.

Great behavioural time filler and beats the corner post or hedge or anything else which can be used as a scratching post

Ticks an issue, ask us about the automatic "oiler"

Interested? please send us an email with an expression of interest for your order.



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Cow BrushCow Brush
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Cow Brush

Cow Brush Ideal

This cow brush is ideal for letting your cows groom themselves, be that on the feed pad, herd home, freestall Cowhouse or while waiting in the yard.
Brushing increases coat health and bloodflow which in winter gets rid of dead hair, dirt and mud. In summer it lets the cow cool down by better blood circulation.
Be kind to your cows... they will pay you back



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