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Animal Control

Animal ControlAnimal ControlAnimal Control
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Animal Control

Safe For You And Easy For Your Staff

we make farming ezy It is well known that dealing with animals can incur dangerous situations. Even when top of the range handling equipment is on farm the strength of any bovine animal still outweigh a persons ability to restrain the actions of that animal fully. Stock inflicted injuries are common (see ACC stats) and many farmers have experienced situations where their own or their staffs life or wellbeing may have been at risk or severely compromised. (ACC pays many hundreds of thousands of dollars for injuries caused by farm animals and there are deaths every year). TechniPharms goal is to make farming ezy and to help farmers with tools and equipment which make controlling animals safe and increases over all animal wellbeing. Farming animals means treating animals and looking after them to ensure their optimum wellbeing. That means jobs like drenching, castrating, preg testing, semen extraction, dehorning, tagging, AI and general vet treatments are needed from time to time. Treatments invariably have a discomfort level, but its the better of 2 evils .... do nothing and the animal dies. Optimum control means treatments can be as stress free and as painless as possible for the animal and as safe as possible for the operator. To achieve this most farmers have some form of mechanical restraint, like a headbail or handler, but often this may not be offering a total control and some animals simply behave badly at the best of times. Of course there is always sedation via injection but the reality of the latter is only viable and practical in some situations. However there is a half way mark which offers animals and farmers a good alternative, where discomfort of the restraint is less than the pain of the treatment without the restraint, and where safety of the operator is significantly increased. TechniPharm now offers a very viable and animal wellbeing friendly complementary product to mechanical restraints in the form of the Newtek animal Pacifier. What is a Pacifier or animal control unit? Simply its a probe inserted in the rectum which sends electrical signals to the muscles. (Natural muscle movements are controlled by electronic pulses sent by the brain). The Newtek Pacifier control unit sends a special designed and animal welfare (NZ) approved waveform of pulses which in turn control muscle movements. Similar technology is used in some human medical situations for muscle control during childbirth, post surgical situations, pain relief in trauma and some musculoskeletal conditions. (Bergman2007) Why should you invest in a TechniPharm Newtek Pacifier animal control unit? It will improve animal wellbeing during potentially painful or stressful treatments It will be easier and faster to apply treatments to animals It will be safer for you and your staff to control animals It may improve PH levels as there is less stress It will help staff do their job with more eze It may save your life Is the unit hard to use? The unit is very simple to use. It is a compact, very robust, high quality tool inside a stainless casing. A simple instruction card comes with the unit which takes 5 minutes to read and you are working. What are suggested and common uses for bovine animals ? Hooftrimming Bull fertility testing Dehorning Castrating Breaking in heifers Mothering calves Remove entangled wire from legs Tagging (particularly EID tagging where placement of tag is vital) Injection work Control dangerous animals Control wound up animals Branding (cold or hot) Teat canal injection work Mouthing Downer recovery Pink Eye treatment General vet work where animals need to stand quiet Any situation where staff/stock handler safety is compromised What is the price of the unit? A complete unit with 2 different size probes is $1795.00 plus GST, postage and in transit insurance How do I get one? Simply call us 0800 80 90 98 or Aus 1800 124 034 Email us sales@technipharm.co.nz or sales@technipharm.com.au

$1495.00 NZD + GST


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