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Auto Feedpad Cleaning With Dungbuster

Auto Feedpad Cleaning With Dungbuster
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Auto Feedpad Cleaning With Dungbuster

Dungbuster Feedpad Tm

TechniPharm is releasing a new Automatic Feedpad cleaning system. Many dairy farmers already have a Dungbuster™ Automatic Yard cleaner installed in their Dairy shed and know how that system has made their life so much easier. And now there is the Dungbuster Auto Feedpad(c) cleaner and the good thing is, there is no need or little need for water use! With TechniPharms experience in Automatic cleaning and solid effluent management this new system provides for a great solution to a dirty job and the good thing is its all labour free. Ideally the system is installed in new to be build feedpads, but existing feedpads can be modified. For a base fee TechniPharm will in conjunction with the farmer and or local builder provide a feedpad and cleaning system design and costings. Upon purchase of the system part or all of the design fee is credited. For your personal design consultation booking Call TechniPharm 0800 80 90 98 and ask for Harmen Or email hj@technipharm.co.nz NEWS RELEASE



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