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Batt-latch Auto Gate Opening Digital Version

Batt-latch Auto Gate Opening Digital VersionBatt-latch Auto Gate Opening Digital Version
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Batt-latch Auto Gate Opening Digital Version

Remote Opening Of Gates Makes Farming Ezy

~ The Batt-Latch is a portable timer which waits until a preset time and
date, then mechanically releases an attached spring/bungy/tape gate
using its internal gearbox. This unit has a chip and can be pre programmed or instructed via mobile phone to open.

~ It can be incorporated into normal farming practice by swinging standard
or any other types of gates open and temporarily replacing them with the
Batt-Latch release unit, and a spring or tape gate.

~ The Batt-Latch is a valuable labour-saving tool for herd management,
and will also help reduce pasture pugging, stock lameness and fuel
costs .

~ The latest advances in technology have been harnessed to develop new
circuitry that uses less power to deliver an improved performance . The
integrated solar panel on the Batt-Latch maintains battery charge
without intervention, eliminating downtime for charging .

~ The already rugged and dependable polycarbonate body has been made
even more durable with refinements in design, and the use of a superior
waterproofing gasket.

~ The durable webbing belt supplied easily attaches the Batt-Latch to
posts and battens.

~ The keypad is simple to use and gives you total control and flexibility to
set up and store four release events at a time, for up to two weeks in
advance. The full message LCD display screen lets you know exactly what
you've programmed in.

~ With the increasing trend towards feed pads or supplements on most
farms, stock have an extra incentive to leave the paddock. No other
product will release the herd to a feedpad near the dairy at 3a.m, for
example, saving hours of effort every week.



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