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BIOGAS Generation

BIOGAS generation is common in the EU, in NZ and AUS its in it's infancy, some have tried, partly succeeded or failed. The EU and the Netherlands and Germany in particular are " miles ahead" and have developed the technology and knowhow to create sustainable practical systems.

To make energy, you have to have energy, so diluted effluent from a standard dairy farm is not going to cut it.

Large feed pads or cow houses may provide enough waste to extract energy from, talk to TechniPharm about the possibilities

Biogas Generation
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Biogas Generation

Biogas With Combibag™

BIOGAS is not for the faint hearted, if you have a very large feed pad used 365 days of the year, or a Cowhouse and at least 1000 cows, talk to us on how you can create sustainable energy to run your farm


Ecobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management System
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Ecobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management System

Award For Innovation

EUROTIER 2016 saw the TechniPharm product ( Wiefferink NL) win a significant milestone in the form of an Innovation award for the ECOBAG and COMBIBAG nutrient capture effluent storage and management system. This international recognition of Innovation is an other reason why farmers chose TechniPharm as their make it farming ezy partner


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