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Bull-beef-box And Bull-beef-box Prime Farm-ready

Bull-beef-box And Bull-beef-box Prime  Farm-ready
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Bull-beef-box And Bull-beef-box Prime Farm-ready

Handling Bulls The Make Farming Ezy Solution To Handling These Beast

Bull-Beef-Box™ a Cattle Handler specially designed for Bull-Beef. Farmers in the Bull-Beef game have for years been struggling to find what they looking for when it comes to Handing equipment Bull-beef is just that little bit different when it comes to handling. Often fully equipped handlers or crushes as some call them, are over speced with vet sections and multiple gate entry points which are great when you are dealing with Cows and young stock, but when it comes to Bull Beef they can be done without. Most headbails are what is referred to as a sliding door principle, flat steel bodys which move together and clamp the head between its members. For animals with big necks and often little to hold on to that is not really doing the trick either. What is required is a more suited to purpose design, ideally this be in the form of angled yokes which have a specific clamping action to hold onto the neck better. In general a heavier, robust unit to deal with bulls and Bulls-Beef only. TechniPharm has come to the market with a NZ first newly purpose designed Bull-Beef-Box™ a handler series specifically for bull beef. The standard Bull-Beef-Box™ unit will come with a concertina headbail equipped with rubber lined yoke and adjustable pressure holding. The latter meaning that the headbail yokes can be set to clamp harder or softer depending on the size of stock. Equiped with the silent Hydralock® lock system this unit is nice and quite. Cattle handle a lot better in handling facilities where stress is minimized, noise is seen as a stress inducer so the removal of noise is a beneficial aspect for farmers to consider when obtaining handling equipment. The side gates are full size and large with non bruising round profile wide kattle-rail™ . Locked with dual latches and included also is a run up bar inside the gate. A special feature is the TechniPharm unique anti Sway bar™ which allows for the side gate to be opened for full access of the animal without the animal being capable of side stepping avoiding any risk of the animal un-expectantly injuring the operator. The rear gate is full size with a solid panel which stops the animal from being anxious to get in and thus reduces stress. A steel floor built as part of the solid 75 by 75 mm main frame means the whole unit can be set on scales for instant weigh performance monitoring. Special additional features, a heavy lengthways placed jump bar avoiding any likely hood of animals jumping up and doing damage to themselves, also a pooron access space is provided for giving the operator full and safe access to the full back of the animal. Operation can be from one single spot at the rear so the best animal behaviors are encouraged with the animal walking away from the operator. A drafting gate operated from the working side is an optional extra. However preferred drafting speed and animal flow is achieved by a proper 3 way drafting module placed in front of the unit. The Bull-Beef-Prime™ is the super charged unit with all the features of the base unit and more, starting with Rotating yoke necklamp™ headbail technology. This headbail is the only headbail on the market withhout the usual levers and bolts and nuts holding it all together. The Rotating Yokes are singular center pivots in the frame, allowing a smooth rotating action. The Necklamp is automatically activated to increase the standard headbail pressure by 100% so larger bulls with big necks can be safely handled. A side squeeze gives the operator an additional tool to settle the animal down, again reducing stress. Raymond Lempier (Raglan) on the headbail this unit is just superb in handling larger bulls its just a great unit. The back end of the Bull-Beef-Prime™ has a double acting slide gate for fast acting action open-shut which is beneficial for fast weighing. The gate just opens 350 mm each way so its also great on the operator as the gates open action is aligned with the shoulder pull action which means less strain on the operator. The smooth swing arm of the Rotating Yoke headbail makes operation super easy.

Choose the Bull Beef Box Prime for all the benefits of hydraulics. Handling with your fingertips

$18996.00 NZD + GST
Part No. CHBBP

The Bull Beef Box is equipped with an award winning headbail and locking system John Reeves Te Kuiti I was looking for something solid and simple, no need for bells and whistles. For weighing and drafting, this unit does it simply and effectively. So easy to use, my neighbour tried it out and said he preferred it to his present unit with just the one go. It does exactly what I was wanting, I dont use the headbail too often, but its good to know its there when I need it


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