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Calf Rearing solutions

Calf Rearing is all about having the right equipment, people and time... Technipharm can help with a range of products which will make your job easier and less time consuming.. your herds future starts now with new calves.. give them the best you have now will ensure they pay you back later.
Robot Feeders, Calf Crates, Drafter Crates, Debudders

Calf Handler All New DesignCalf Handler All New DesignCalf Handler All New DesignCalf Handler All New Design
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Calf Handler All New Design

Great Crate For All Dairy Calf Management

A simple but very effective "calf handler" to hold the calf securely for dehorning/tagging and other jobs. Equipped with holding jaw brace and backup chain. Easy close and open headbail. Can be mounted on weighbars for weighing to confirm progress weightgain. This all new design has no plywood but a new composite material, easy clean and a strong fibreglass non slip floor. A great unit for all Calf work.

Option to add a weigh system...Get a set of bars and a basic monitor with this for a great package price.

New model enhanced and improved 2018-2019 price $ 1495

Calf Crates and LPG Debudders are a key to getting those calves ready for the herd.

Weighing, debudding and, tagging can all be done in the one unit at the same time, saving you time and effort.

The calf handler comes as a complete unit, or just the headbail, if you have no scales consider adding a nice set of simple 2000KG bars and a Monitor to the system , complete this with a LPG debudder and you are all set

Calf Headbail
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Calf Headbail

New Product

This headbail is superb for doing any job on calves. The Headbail comes equipped with gudgeons for mounting and a drop in pin for locking the bail. Simply a great little headbail! get one today and make your life easier, speed up a hard job and maintain animal welfare standards... (remember create good animal experience memories now and you will have better and more relaxed cows later on)



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$695.00 NZD plus GST

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Calf Rearing ShedsCalf Rearing Sheds
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Calf Rearing Sheds

A Calfhouse For You?

Every ones dream... yet few realise a set up like this one. A fully purpose build calf shed, complete with Robot feeders for milk and meal and all linked into a dairy management system. It does not come better than this. Designed allong best animal welbeing Cowhouse system guidelines. From 300 calves upwards. Interested? call us today
also visit www.cowhouse.co.nz


Robot™ Auto Calfeeders
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Robot™ Auto Calfeeders

Feeding many calves? Not a lot of time? Or just want to get on with all the other jobs? Employ ROBOT. Feeds your calves even while you sleep! Up to 125 calves on one unit.


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The Versatile Solution For Calf Rearing

Polybelt™ can be used in a yard or race, to screen off areas for better animal flow, or it can be used as a windbreak/pen separation. Polybelt™ is a smooth, high quality, high density HDPE material made from specially formulated virgin polyethylene resin. You can buy Polybelt™ in 2 widths and lengths of up to 100 meters. Application can be by pop rivets or tig screws, or for temporary applications: tie downs and star posts. Great for calf rearing facilities as it cannot grow bacteria and is easy to clean.


Ruddweigh™ 600 Mm Weighbars And Monitor
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Ruddweigh™ 600 Mm Weighbars And Monitor

Weighsystem For Calves And Cows

These bars are great for under your calf crate or weighplatform. Make sure you weigh calves to monitor growth progress or pending illness.

Ruddweigh 600 mm up to 2000KG Capability * Easiest to bolt down * Fully weather & shock proof * Easiest to keep clean * Extra strong heavy steel * Absorbs huge side loads * Rigid mounts (no rubber mounts, roller or joiners here! Select a monitor from our great range, basic model recommendation is a 200 or 300 monitor. Great product great value.