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Cattle Handlers Introduction

Cattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers IntroductionCattle Handlers Introduction
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Cattle Handlers Introduction

High Performance Stock Handling Starts Here

When you want high performance , come to the right place, TechniPharm® is the home of innovative and proven high performance Cattle Handling equipment with many valuable innovations and awards to its credit. For instance It is well documented that ratchets on headbails stress cattle out. TechniPharm® from day one has only used silent locking systems. Many other features and animal behaviour science based features mean you will get you high perforce all the way. TechniPharm® has won many awards for its designs. The pH of beef post-slaughter has a major effect on beef tenderness. With levels of pH under 5.8 beef will be tender however when pH isbetween 5.8 and 6.2 this has beencassociated with greater toughness. Over pH 6.2 results in dark-cutting beef with poor shelf life. The level of pH is largely determined by the amount of glycogen that has been stored in the muscles pre-slaughter. Tenderness is probably the most important beef attribute, and this can be partly determined by animal age at slaughter, and pre and post-slaughter

management. Animals fed well and not stressed will likely have high glycogen levels and therefore will achieve a muscle pH associated with desirable meat quality characteristics.


TechniPharm  Handlers are designed and built for the purpose, not for the price, yet when you compare our products feature for feature dollar for dollar you will find TechniPharm® is extremely competitively priced. The all new Infinity range of handlers sets again a new Hallmark in tailor design and bringing to farmers the best solution for the job by measured outcomes. All Infinity Handlers are 100% NZ designed and manufactured ! Our newly aligned, no compromise designs, in an all new range of Handers will ensure you get the best. For safe and great animal access its the best line up ever. Scroll through the options and features and download a quickfact sheet or a full information pack right here. Or give us a call NZ 0800 80 90 98 AUS 1800 124 034

Awards and innovations to give you buying confidence 30 years of trusted quality, innovative and proven make farming ezy solutions High performance starts here