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Cleancow™ Automatic Bedding Cleaner

Cleancow(tm) Automatic Bedding CleanerCleancow(tm) Automatic Bedding Cleaner
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Cleancow™ Automatic Bedding Cleaner

Brush And Spread In One Go

This CleanCow™ automatic bedding cleaner and lime or sawdust spreader will speed up the cleaning of beds significantly. Volume and speed are fully adjustable , bins 600 and 1300 litres (for lime the 600 litre bin is large enough) This robust machine has been selected from a range of options available on the world market. Manufactured in the Netherlands. Several units are already in operation in NZ by the largest Cowhouse operation in Glenavy (SI) Options for NZ Cowhouses with solid floors: There is no need for a a blade to scrape the floor. A blade could be added if for instance the unit is also used to scrape the link races and round about In solid floor housing where scrapers sit in the middle of the housing system the beds are cleaned from each side of the housing system.

Units are brought in on a per order basis, order 2-3 months lead time. Where possible we share freight cost in shipments from multiple clients Price guide direct price EU 15000 plus freight and in transit insurance



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