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Dairy Caddy Large ( Ask For It By Name)

Dairy Caddy Large ( Ask For It By Name)
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Dairy Caddy Large ( Ask For It By Name)

Dairy Caddy Safety Paramount

Dairy caddies have proven themselves for now well over 15 years on many NZ farms and have helped to get rid of those old drums planks and balancing acts. Making farming ezy farmers, staff and service contractors now move safe and steady on a Dairy Caddy along the pit. Dairy caddies are a very versatile popular product, safe and steady its the way to move safely in the dairy for tailpainting, AI, herd testing, pregtesting etc. Remove those old drums, planks and slippery gadgets... be safe The large and the extendable Dairy caddy have the widest and most stable platforms and we understand most AI contractors prefer these for 1) stability and 2) for height as ideally the caddy platform and cow level are at the same height. Order early... this new season we expect a lot of demand, we do the best we can to keep up but our production team can only do so much. Your order is important to us and we will do the best we can, however we ask you to order well before you need the Caddy to allow us some time to get the unit to you. Please note though All orders are irreversible once placed! Large 850mm high platform 600mm by 800mm Dairy Caddy ™ meets LIC pit accreditation standards Prices do not include GST or Freight/Insurance



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