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Dairy Caddy Step-up Ezy™

Dairy Caddy Step-up Ezy(tm)Dairy Caddy Step-up Ezy(tm)
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Dairy Caddy Step-up Ezy™

Step Up Ezy ™ For Large Or Standard Dairy Caddy™

The new Step Up Ezy™ can be added to your existing Dairy Caddy™ as a retrofit kit, or obtained as part of your new Dairy Caddy™ . The new Step-Up Ezy™ is a great extra feature which allows you to step up and off the Dairy Caddy, mobile platform with eze. The Step-Up Ezy packs away easily by sliding it in and underneath the Dairy Caddy for eze of transport or storage. The Step-Up Ezy makes for an even safer and better Dairy Caddy with the aim to make your farming ezy. Get one now, there is limited stock Dairy Caddy ™ meets LIC pit accreditation standards

$349 as a retrofit kit set (you install, easy installation) $399 as part of your new purchase Dairy Caddy Large out Standard ready to go. l plus GST freight and in transit insurance

$425.00 NZD + GST