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Dairy Handling Headbails

Our most popular Headbail for a Dairy facility is the Dairy Handler Headbail, many hundreds of farmers use this headbail every day. Straight rubber lined for the smallest and largest animal. A multiple award winner! Two sizes standard and full size concertina, can also be equiped with rear operation kit set
Brand promise iDairy

Brand Promise Dairy Handling iDairy

The origin of a brand or branding is very old, the practice of branding originates in identifying the need by farmers to identify ownership of livestock in a way which is unique and easily visible. Even in todays digital world, the US brand registers are the only form of legal livestock ownership identification. A brand is a permanent marker and in todays commercial world a brand confirms a product or companies value proposition. The TechniPharm brand has been designed along the principles of Dairy Brand criteria and its value proposition is described in the attached PDF file. The Dairy Handling brand will be visible on all our promotion material and equipment and will be your guarantee of genuine ownership and pride.

Full Size Rotating Yoke(tm) Headbail ( Hd)Full Size Rotating Yoke(tm) Headbail ( Hd)Full Size Rotating Yoke(tm) Headbail ( Hd)Full Size Rotating Yoke(tm) Headbail ( Hd)
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Full Size Rotating Yoke™ Headbail ( Hd)

Master Of The Pack In Hydraulic Power

The revolutionary, patented Rotating Yoke Head bail,no linkages, just two rotating yokes and a handle, the latter is not an up and down handle but also rotating which enables you to operate it with ease and from behind the animal. Winner of 10 Awards in both New Zealand and Australia. This headbail allows infinite locking with finger tip control in a positive and safe manner to both the animal and the operator. The headbail is locked by the award winning KwikLock™ ram which has set a new standard in silent locking mechanisms. In addition equiped with Secondary Safety System for full safety and protection no matter what! (recommended as an osh worksafe vic (Australia)feature for safety in publication beef cattle handling a practical safety guide This headbail will handle all cows, bulls and more, generally suited for larger properties or farmers whom just like very nice gear.

$8995.00 NZD + GST

Medium Size Dairy Handler(tm) HeadbailMedium Size Dairy Handler(tm) HeadbailMedium Size Dairy Handler(tm) HeadbailMedium Size Dairy Handler(tm) Headbail
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Medium Size Dairy Handler™ Headbail

Silent Infinite Locking At All Positions

A decent headbail specially designed for Dairy farming, many leading farmers use this headbail. With Infinite locking, full width opening, complete silent with Hydralock locking. Award winner. Rear opperation kit allows operation from behind the animal. This headbail can also be added to the Hoofcare Handler as an upgrade, now or later. 

$3100.00 NZD + GST
Part No. DHHB


Medium Size Midranger(tm) HeadbailMedium Size Midranger(tm) Headbail
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Medium Size Midranger™ Headbail

Infinite Locking Full Width Opening

Equipped with a one sided ribbed yoke, concertina operation and a HydraLock ram. Why bother with the cheap & noisy ratchet units if you can get such a superior headbail for such a good price. Add a rear operation kit set for even easier operation, allowing the animal to walk away from you rather than towards you.  Less stress, more action 

$3200.00 NZD + GST


Calf Headbail And Handling CrateCalf Headbail And Handling CrateCalf Headbail And Handling Crate
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Calf Headbail And Handling Crate

Great For Dehorning And Other Jobs For Calves

This headbail is superb for doing any job on calves. The Headbail comes equiped with gudgeons for mounting and a drop in pin for locking the bail. Simply a great (be it small) headbail! Or upgrade to the full crate, see Dairy Handling products

$795.00 NZD + GST
Part No. CHCHB


Rear Operation Kit SetsRear Operation Kit SetsRear Operation Kit Sets
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Rear Operation Kit Sets

Operate Headbail From Behind Animal

To operate the headbail from behind makes handling easier. The animal walks away from you and opening and locking the headbail can be done faster. In general the stock be calmer as they feel you are not right next to them. A rear operation kitset is available for all Rotating Yoke and Concertina Cattle and Dairy Handler Headbails aswell as for the Hoofcare handler.

$698.00 NZD + GST
Part No. HBROP


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