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Dairy Housing

Dairy housing

Dairy Housing CatalogueDairy Housing Catalogue
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Dairy Housing Catalogue

Best Products From Around The World And Nz For Dairy Housing

Dairy Housing product solutions are designed to deliver the greatest level of comfort and care for Dairy Cows in animal housing. TechniPharm provides for an independent range of the very best and most economical solutions from selected NZ, EU and USA providers. All Direct to you!

The provided catalogue is a sampling of most popular products used in NZ Dairy Housing systems. There are many more options and choices, we can visit you and discuss all needs and blend in with the dairy housing design you have chosen for.

The products are all supported by full service warrantees and after sales service.
The business we do with you is facilitated between yourself and the provider and coordinated for you by TechniPharm. We provide all paperwork, all MPI import requirements (where needed) and are able to deliver containers direct to site thus avoiding unloading and re loading cost.

We also provide qualified installers and project install coordination and after sales service.
We have installed a large range of products in NZ Dairy Housings systems from as far back as 2005 Including the Massey University Cowhouse in 2013


Off Pasture Dairy Housing Fact File #1
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Off Pasture Dairy Housing Fact File #1

The Steps Towards A Successful Suitable To Purpose Project

This fact file is beneficial to any one exploring dairy housing... it gives a good overview of what is involved, from skill base to elements of the project and what to expect in the build project.
Written by Harmen Heesen and based on his consultancy work through Cowhouse Ltd over the last 10 years

You can obtain a copy for $100.- plus GST which is refundable if any services or products related to your proposed project are being used.


Off Pasture Dairy Housing Fact File #2
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Off Pasture Dairy Housing Fact File #2

From Initial Thought To Completion " The Options" Stages 1-8 Considerations

Fact file #2
Off Pasture Dairy Housing
From initial thought to completion " the options" Stages 1-8 considerations. This fact file will help you narrow down the options and understand what is important to start with and how to ensure you end up with a product which delivers guaranteed results.

$250.- Plus GST which is refundable if services or products are obtained


Double Brush
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Double Brush

Top And Sides Cover The Lot Ideal For Variable Sized Cows

A 2-brush-system from SCHURR cow-brushes!

Advantages of the SCHURR cow-brush:

- 100% Nylon brush material - very long service life
- selective cleaning of all parts - not only 1 brush!
- flexible to all directions
- very strong and robust
- thousandfold approved, worldwide in use
- established more since 20 years
TopAgrar (German's most favourite agricultural magazine) survey 2013 about cow brushes:

"With a average grading of 1,4 (best score) SCHURR was the best. 97,2% of the farmers would buy a SCHURR cow-brush again."


$3800.- per unit plus GST and freight

Multiple units POA

Energy saving motor add $300.-

Or ask us for a special EU direct price


Cow BrushCow BrushCow BrushCow BrushCow BrushCow Brush
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Cow Brush

Cow Brush Ideal

This cow brush is ideal for letting your cows groom themselves, be that on the feed pad, herd home, freestall Cowhouse or while waiting in the yard.
Brushing increases coat health and bloodflow which in winter gets rid of dead hair, dirt and mud. In summer it lets the cow cool down by better blood circulation.
This design is superior in space use and "total animal cover" the angle provides back and sides scratching.. with face and back end at will.
Be kind to your cows... they will pay you back

Great value!


Polysoft®  Cow Matting   With Dlg Sigma Test ReportPolysoft®  Cow Matting   With Dlg Sigma Test Report
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Polysoft® Cow Matting With Dlg Sigma Test Report

Critical Test Vita For Security Cow Wellbeing

When you change cows from a pasture based only system to a hydrid pasture inhouse system, aspects of cow hygiene and the ability to rest comfortably come to the fore. Over many years the Europeans have developed some very smart mattress concepts which address all the needs of the high producing Dairy cow of today. Materials ranging from rubber to polyurethane, pvc, synthetic rubber, woven matting, tube matting, water beds! and more, many choices and many features and benefits.
Cost is an issue as is proven results. we have all the testing reports and NZ based practical results. With now well over 50.000 cows on mats in in-house facilities in NZ we can give you the widest industry reality check in this important area of housing cows.

We do not recommend any matting be obtained which does not have a testing report from an independent well qualified organization like the EU based DLG Sigma test institute.
( a bit like a consumers institute for farm equipment)

More cows lay on polysoft® in NZ then any other matting system simply because it delivers.

Why is a good rest important to cows?

Adequate lying times decrease stress
Adequate lying time helps recovery from any health issues
Adequate lying time helps producing more milk
Adequate lying time keeps the cowhouse peaceful
Adequate lying time encourages chewing of the cud

The bench mark for optimum lying time is deep bedded sand, however this is not a very viable option in NZ due to cost and maintenance (up to 20 Kg sand per day per cow)

Interested in reading? "sand a review of its use in Housed Dairy Cows"
Hogeschool Hardenbosch March 2010


Scraper Systems For Clean LanesScraper Systems For Clean LanesScraper Systems For Clean LanesScraper Systems For Clean LanesScraper Systems For Clean Lanes
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Scraper Systems For Clean Lanes


Automatic scrapers come in various formats and designs, the Europeans and North Americans have a long development history in this field. Length of drag, width of lane, lane surface, type of effluent all need to be considered. For every in house facility there is a system, just a matter of choosing the right one.

Length of lanes and drop offs are all guiding factors in what system may be most economic. Some systems require much in the way of additional concrete work which means an additional and often (hidden) build cost.

Ongoing maintenance is a additional consideration.

General options are

Chain systems (loop)
Rope systems (loop or individual lanes)

Electric driven, hydraulic driven

Robot scraper ( Generally suited for slatted floors only)

Brands like Rope scrapers ( Brouwers) , and Chain scrapers (JOZ) have been used in NZ .


Stall Guidance SystemsStall Guidance SystemsStall Guidance SystemsStall Guidance Systems
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Stall Guidance Systems

Stall Guidance Systems Back Ground Information Creates Comfort Security

There are many options and theories for stall frames, and each design has its benefits and draw backs... its not "just a piece of bent steel" height, length, width of bay as well as shape of the frame will all have an impact on cow wellbeing. We suggest strongly not to obtain these products without proper and qualified advice. An engineer or builder however capable is not a cow wellbeing expert. At TechniPharm we know all the options and will help you select a stall frame which is suitable for your cows. Lunge space, the manner in which cows lay in the stalls, hygiene, and general comfort are are critical factors to consider.
Stall frames are just but one component of a total system.
Other critical factors are within the Brisket rail, the Neck rail and Bedding options.
The whole system has to work in synchrony.

Before we would provide you a stall guidance system , we will engage and do a significant amount of work to establish that it will work for you and your cows.

We only recommend and use products from suppliers which have a significant back ground and established performance success.

Most successful stall systems in NZ are what is referred to as Frisian Hanging and R Frames. Full height and width adjustment in these systems are ideally suited to NZ conditions.

TechniPharm has the largest number of Freestall fit out projects completed in NZ including the Massey Uni Cowhouse


Cleancow™ Automatic Bedding CleanerCleancow™ Automatic Bedding Cleaner
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Cleancow™ Automatic Bedding Cleaner

Brush And Spread In One Go

This CleanCow™ automatic bedding cleaner and lime or sawdust spreader will speed up the cleaning of beds significantly.

Volume and speed are fully adjustable , bins 600 and 1300 litres
(for lime the 600 litre bin is large enough)

This robust machine has been selected from a range of options available on the world market. Manufactured in the Netherlands.

Several units are already in operation in NZ by the largest Cowhouse operation in Glenavy (SI)

Options for NZ Cowhouses with solid floors: There is no need for a a blade to scrape the floor.

A blade could be added if for instance the unit is also used to scrape the link races and round about

In solid floor housing where scrapers sit in the middle of the housing system the beds are cleaned from each side of the housing system.

Units are brought in on a per order basis, order 2-3 months lead time.
Where possible we share freight cost in shipments from multiple clients

Price guide direct price EU 15000 plus freight and in transit insurance


Cowgarden™ Concept In Off Pasture  Dairy Housing
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Cowgarden™ Concept In Off Pasture Dairy Housing


Where the indoors becomes the outdoors and Visa Versa.


Cows Love A Scratch
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Cows Love A Scratch

Yard Or Open Spaces Where Cows "love To Hang Out"

Cows love a scratch so why deny them the possibility?

This great new cow brush will hit the market in June 2015

Based on the very successful cow house vertical and horizontal cow brush systems

This brush is ideal for open spaced to give access for a scratch, several cows can access the brush at the same time.

Great behavioural time filler and beats the corner post or hedge or anything else which can be used as a scratching post

Interested? please send us an email with an expression of interest for your order.


Yard Gates Which Extend And Are Able To Close Off Multiple Gaps
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Yard Gates Which Extend And Are Able To Close Off Multiple Gaps

Clever Gates Make Work Ezy

One of the bigger issues and costs are the gates around the cowhouse, many companies and builders struggle with this aspect of the housing, often a lot of onsite work is done and it is not as good as it could have been. We have resolved this issue and have a range of very clever gates which can be extended and mounted anywhere, what is more they can close off multiple gaps in the race, so where there is a 3 or 4 meter gap, this can be closed off with the same gate. Hinging can be reversed and multiple gates can even lock within themselves. Gates have an adjustable sag adjuster so they will always fit and lock correctly no matter what . A clever and simple pin lift and drop ensures a lock cows can never open by themselves.


Ventilation Systems CurtainsVentilation Systems CurtainsVentilation Systems Curtains
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Ventilation Systems Curtains

Curtains Are Key To Climate Control And Comfort

Curtains or screens are the key to create the right environment inside the cowhouse.
It is important that the total ventilation be calculated and checked on every build project. Ventilation design is subject to the size of the facility, its location, site specific limitations and the size of the herd housed and the time of year mainly used. Expert advise is recommended.

Curtains can come "fixed" and "adjustable" the latter allows a greater variable of climate control. (summer, Winter)

Curtain material is specific to use for cowhouse use, it is not windbreak material, but a specific blend of PVC which allows wind screening and rain diversion


Sludge Pumping Is Not For The Faint HeartedSludge Pumping Is Not For The Faint Hearted
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Sludge Pumping Is Not For The Faint Hearted

Eisele Cowhouse Or Feedpad Sludge Pumps Superior Performance

Sludge pumping is not for the fainthearted... often mistaken by providers that sludge is like diluted dairy shed effluent... its not.
Special pumping technology allows us to pump consistently and reliably in some cases up to 100 cube of material a day.
With a significant number of pumps running in NZ some well over 10 years we have build a reputation.

Some clients have tried other options, but always come back for the real pump!

Waterforce Winton is our dealer in Southland
All other area's contact TechniPharm direct


Ag Doors, Screened Doors For Better Venting
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Ag Doors, Screened Doors For Better Venting

Ag Doors Are Made For Housed Systems, Creating Bigger Openings And More Venting

Conventional doors proving to be a bit of a drama in NZ conditions, most insurance claims in housed systems are doors... either mounted by a loader or the wind
These AG screen doors are specifically designed for Cow houses. Up to 6 meters wide and 6 meters high and placed on the outside of the building so access and opening is ease....

Also great as a fire escape and a knife at the door would allow you to "cut your way out" This could save you having to have a fire report and extensive cost in providing extra exit doors


Feed Lane Rail And Offsets
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Feed Lane Rail And Offsets

Feed Lane Rail Design Crucial To Feed Intake

Feed rails are a key element in housing cows, feed access and comfort in this extensively used area of the housing will ensure cows are keen and comfortable in being at the feed lane.
Various options and reasons why you would or would not have an open rail system or a closed rack system.


Feed Pusher Lely Juno
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Feed Pusher Lely Juno

If There Ever Was A Hard Worker Which Works All Day All Night...

The Lely Juno is a great help in a housing situation where feed is required to be pushed up.
Pushing feed up means cows have better access and reach less, reaching for feed is hard on the front legs and can inflame the brisket.
Feed access creates appetite.... feed trough the gut, makes more milk
Some clever ways in which you can use Juno means less feed movements in the cowhouse are needed, thus saving tractor and machinery power aswell as manual labour.

Models from 25 K to 35 K


High Lift Gates Make Things Ezy In CowhouseHigh Lift Gates Make Things Ezy In Cowhouse
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High Lift Gates Make Things Ezy In Cowhouse

Install Simple And Straight Forward At Any Place

High Lift Gates Are Great.

High lift gates are great for housing systems as they allow an easy none obstructive way in which cows can be separated and managed in groups

This system shown is totally flexible , a few bolts and the system can be located where ever you wish. If not in the right spot you can simply relocate, no welding needed.

Well thought out and all complete, comes as a kit set