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Dairy Supreme Handler

Dairy Supreme HandlerDairy Supreme HandlerDairy Supreme HandlerDairy Supreme HandlerDairy Supreme HandlerDairy Supreme HandlerDairy Supreme Handler
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Dairy Supreme Handler

Supreme Says It All, This Is Mother Of All Handlers

The Dairy Supreme™ is the Dairy Handler which has got it all, everything you would ever need to do on an animal can be done in the Supreme Dairy Handler. With Award Winning headbail, swaybar and many other super handy and safe features. Make farming ezy, better for you, your staff and cows A solid, strong & efficient unit which is simple in its design making it a risk free investment. The unit is designed around larger and/or high performing dairy needs, with all bells and whistles to ensure reliability, safety and best handling practise. Youll appreciate the value of owning a unit like this as have others, and for the money invested, you and your staff will appreciate the value in safe and easy use every day. In 2017 we will upgrade this unit to full active hydraulics and electronic winches , this to reflect the extensive use this unit gets on larger properties

The new Lincoln University Asley Dean and Southern Dairy hub farms have chosen a Supreme Handler for all animal handling requirements . A value for money investment

Hoof trimming and handling facilities uniquely designed for easy working, superb access and control.