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TechniPharm offers you a great range of drafters, from our manual 1 , 2 and 3 way to the fully Automatic 3 way auto drafter.

All units can be EID equipped and can be permanently fixed, or taken from site to site.

Based on the very well proven Ruddweigh designs, many of these units can be seen on sheep farms in New Zealand and Australia

Supadrafter 3000(tm)
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Supadrafter 3000™

Fully Automatic 3-way Drafter

One person and a dog can draft thousands of sheep! Yes, this Auto drafter really drafts them all without the need for human intervention. The sheep do it fully automatically and dont hesitate to go in. The whole procedure that follows takes 5-7 seconds per animal * Unique self closing rear door system * Super fast drafting through directional system * Complete with Ruddweigh/Gallagher Weigh system with on screen live draft statistics * New 2010 Alloy model with EID ready design Add an EID panel and Reader for full automation and options on 3 and 9 way auto drafting. Now with new composite sides and doors for instant attachment of an EID panel. The Supadrafter ticked all the boxes and fitted straight into our existing yards without any modifications. Weve also set up a gantry system so one person can easily move the auto drafter in and out of the race when needed. The auto drafter allows us to quickly and accurately identify and draft those lambs that meet market specifications (Farmer Tasmania details available on request)

$17995.00 NZD + GST
Part No. SD3000


1 Way, 2 Way Or 3  Way Drafter
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1 Way, 2 Way Or 3 Way Drafter

Manual 1-2 0r 3-way Sheep Drafter

The most popular one handle drafter on the market. The weight of the sheep drops the floor which activates the rear door to close and prevents the next animal from entry. Upon recording weight the drafting gate is opened left or right and the sheep exits.

$3999.00 NZD + GST
Part No. SH3WAY

Lead Up To Drafters/handlers
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Lead Up To Drafters/handlers

Lead-up Ramps + Lead-in Races

This part of the system is often overlooked but the lead in and flow is vital for the Drafter or Handler to deliver to its full potential. The sheep has to be there before the drafter or handler can do their magic.

$1495.00 NZD + GST

Tru-curve(tm) Lead In Race
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Tru-curve™ Lead In Race

These panels and curved races are ideal for lead in races to the drafter or as a quick and easy way to modify your yards. With the extra height (1000mm) you will not loose any sheep. High tensile galv steel (not aluminium) makes this suitable for a permanent set up.


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