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Dungbuster® The Smart Way To Wash Your Yard

Dungbuster(r) The Smart Way To Wash Your YardDungbuster(r) The Smart Way To Wash Your YardDungbuster(r) The Smart Way To Wash Your Yard
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Dungbuster® The Smart Way To Wash Your Yard

Environmental Goal; Use Less Water, Staff Health And Wellbeing, Leverage Skill Base, Decarbonise

How much time do you spend washing down your yard? Time is money, what else could you be doing? Increase your net profit with this one off investment. Daily costs will reduce want to know how much?


Dungbuster is a reliable ongoing solution and it continues to add dollars to your bottom line. Payback is generally within 1 year of installation, so absolute value for money invested. up to 40% of all NZ dairy farmers now use DUNGBUSTER® .

Environmental responcibility, fancy the idea of less effluent? Less worry, more reliability? One of the byproducts of dairy farming is effluent. Most farmers see this as a nuisance; however in reality its free fertilizer and treating it as such would be a great start to get better results out of it. Like fertilizer wasting it, costs. For starters it is beneficial to stop producing large volumes of water in the production of milk, why do we need thousands and thousands of litres of water to wash a yard? Basically we just do it because every one does it and we have always done it that way. Leading companies in yard and gate design use Dungbuster, Leask engineering, Don Chapman, Herdflow, Michael Bloemen to name a few... All that water (which you had to pump out of a well or creek) turns into effluent, which you will have to pump (again) out to pasture. When its wet and soils are saturated that water causes you to have to reduce application rates and as such increases the area you apply the effluent to, all of which cost money and soaks up time. There are many water saving features one can install in the dairy, to name one a Dungbuster® automatic yard washing system which will reduce water use washing the yard by up to a good 40% if not more. That is right up to 40%, 40% less to pump out of the ground, 40% less washing pump running and 40% less effluent not a bad start, right? On top of that you will achieve electricity savings and time savings (the average yard takes a full 120 hours per year to be washed! 120 hours is 3 weeks labour!!!!! Yes 3 weeks. Reducing the environmental impact of your farm operation means de carbonising Reduced the carbon impact also means you may be a step closer to qualifying for incentive payments from your milk company.

Reduce emisions by washing urine away quickly behind the cows makes sense, most cows urinate while milking and this turns into N oxide a greenhoiuse gas, diluting it and washing it away will reduce the impact and keeps more N in your circular system.

Wanting to go Greenwash? The Hybrid Dungbuster ™ auto yard washing system. Switch between greenwash and clean wash and have a Fonterra/ MPI compliant green wash system.



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