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Ecobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management System

Ecobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management SystemEcobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management SystemEcobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management SystemEcobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management SystemEcobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management System
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Ecobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management System

From 1000 Cube To 10.000 Cube 360 Effective Storage And No Crusting, Ever !

Storage and management of effluent (Nutrients) is taking a whole new turn with an ECOBAG™ from Wieffering (EU) by TechniPharm . This great solution is not only very cost effective it also means you only need limited engineering and thus lower cost. ECOBAG™ is fully contained so you are fully covered for unwanted added rain water and objects which may get into the pond No issues with liner gas bubbles as this system is fully contained and gas can escape trough the sides. Less or no evaporation of valuable N, almost no smell and no crusting ever. System includes full internal mixing solutions, including an option for Solar based mixing. ( save on power install and cost) (mixing in open air increases N losses to air which is a greenhouse gas) Sick of the smell of a pond? no problem with ECOBAG™ , close to houses or the farm cottage no issue with ECOBAG™ Need to increase storage? why not rejuvenate the old pond with ECOBAG™ and increase storage by up to 100% at the same time. What are we currently not capturing in NZ: *6.2 Million dairy cows *100Kg N/ cow if all effluent captured *620.000.000 Kg N *At $2/ Kg on the ground that is $1.24 billion *11000 dairy farms *Per farm over $100.000 in lost nutrients *Per farm $100.000 plus spent on chemical fert. Why? *Organic matter improves top soil and carbon levels *Greenhouses gasses will need to be curtailed sooner or later Be smart about storing effluent! and ensure you use most nutrients you have captured effectively, beat any greenhouse gas legislation head on before its here. Balance Agresearch study in 2015 through Aaron Staffort stated Aaron says all effluent is a valuable resource for delivering nutrients cheaply, although older effluent may mean different response rates. In total, plants respond similarly to nitrogen regardless of whether it is applied in fertiliser or effluent, although response patterns may be different due to differences in immediate availability. Minimising the loss of nitrogen from effluent and manure enables the full nutrient value of these resources to be realised. But Aaron says as dairy farms shift to bigger effluent storage ponds and with the increased use of herd shelters and standoff pads to protect the environment, finding ways to minimise ammonia loss from effluent, both in storage and upon application, will bring more benefits to farmers by retaining more of the nutrient value of the effluent.

Open pond systems are like buying a house and only using 50% of it... open pond systems store up to 50% of nothing... rainwater, free board and sludge in the bottom are not storage of effluent... just holding. Avoid this and install an ECOBAG where you only store effluent, no rain, no freeboard no sludge. Effect storage from $40.- - $80.- per Cube . Bill Honeyfield Taranaki We have competed our first season in our new dairy, we installed a 2500 Cube ECOBAG and initial herbage testing confirms we are getting much better use of N P and K from the ECOBAG then from the previous open pond system. We have now substantial savings on fertiliser for this season and giving us the confidence to extend the effluent irrigated area to spread the benefits wider I thoroughly recommend ECOBAG for effluent storage 027 448 1046 Paul Martin Dairy NZ Rural Professional 2017 Can we afford to ignore our gas losses from effluent, both during storage and application? I cannot see how, long term, New Zealand dairy farms can continue to have uncovered effluent ponds. Can we still accept the gas losses from an effluent pond? Also rainfall capture is leading to a requirement for larger holding facilities than would otherwise be required. ECOBAG and FLEXITANK R are 100% recyclable, thus providing new materials for future use Get your farm engaged with ECOBAG, over 60 years experience and knowhow at your disposal brought to you by TechniPharm we make farming ezy