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TechniPharm's range of effluent management and storage solutions are well proven and tested.
Many of our systems have been operating for 20 years or more, often with a minimum amount of maintenance or money spent.

We pride ourselves in introducing new and proven systems to stay ahead of the curve, if we keep doing what we always done we keep getting what we always got.

In the new circular economy, re use and re cycling of raw materials is a must, many of our effluent products be that steel or PVC can be 100% recycled.

We invite you to step up and explore what we have to offer, our goal is to make your farming ezy !

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Diluted or Undiluted Effluent Distribution Tankers
Diluted or Undiluted Effluent Distribution Tankers (1)
No market is as well equiped to deal with effluent distribution as the EU market.
Appart from massive volumes from not just Dairy effluent but also Pig and Beef farming farms, it is also riddled with legislation to comply with regional or national limitations, this means things change regularly and equipment is updated regularly

EU new equipment tax incentives make for a very active second hand market !

TechniPharm is now providing a specialist offering of available units suitable to NZ conditions, our local agent provides for all check up and pre export clearance procedures.

Check out the offerings and subscribe to our news letter to stay informed.

1 product - view it here
Effluent Storage and management Solutions
Effluent Storage and management Solutions (6)
Storage of effluent is an ongoing matter of frustration and high cost on many NZ dairy farms.

It shouldn't be...

Nutrients stored properly and effluent properly stored and managed will contribute to greater farm profits as less fertiliser is needing to be obtained.

The National objective strives for " water quality clean to swim or drink" with farm effluent being one element in the mix to achieve this objectives it makes sense we aim to contain all nutrients and where possible reuse these at every step of the way

ECOBAG™, FLEXITANK™ are proven award winning solutions meeting the highest international standards.

'TIS IN THE BAG™ we say !

6 products - view them here
Fixed effluent Irrigation, design, systems @ equipment.
Fixed effluent Irrigation, design, systems @ equipment. (29)
Effluent management can be a serious issue for some farmers.. yet others understand that there is money in muck and that its not that complicated....
Cow effluent is a valuable resource... as a matter of fact what is not turned into milk is simply excreted... so there is energy and nutrients left which can be given a second chance to be turned into grass... from there to milk... To be on a environmentaly sustainable platform start planning now.
See also our special solutions in variable pressure systems

Good resources are at your fingertips!

link resource Dairy NZ

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Variable Effluent  Irrigation Systems
Variable Effluent Irrigation Systems (10)
A variable pressure effluent system takes away the problem of irrigators not performing due to inadequate pressure at the far paddock. With a variable pressure system you remove some design restrictions and "grow options". Effluent pumping with a variable pressure system is easy. A variable pressure system is simpler to set up, but costs a bit more to start with but its advantages are numerous. To meet your consent min application rate you will have to work the pump at a "fixed" setting. When soil moisture deficits allow you can increase the rate.

Dairy NZ eazy link to additional resource kits

10 products - view them here
Good practice Pond Design
Good practice Pond Design (1)
Peter Cooper is an independent accredited pond designer whom TechniPharm recommend for all its Pond design work for clients

Peters background and accreditation is a real assets to our clients , Peter works independent and is not part of a large corporate and the related cost structures.

Often our clients prefer the personal relationship and the fact they can just call the person doing the job, rather than listening to 10 push button answer phone options.

Peter works anywhere in NZ and an initial contact can be made by simply sending us an email or calling 0800 80 90 98

1 product - view it here
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