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Effluent Management

Effluent ManagementEffluent ManagementEffluent ManagementEffluent Management
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Effluent Management


With environmental matters high on the agenda it pays to consider TechniPharm in your strategic planning

With products like the Dungbuster Auto Yard cleaning system you clean the yard as the cows move, removing urine off the yard before it evaporates into Greenhouse Gasses .


Flexitank Round and Ecobags enclosed storage systems mean you contain N and reduce Greenhouse gasses. A recent study at Lincoln University shows up to 8% of Greenhouse gasses come from open pond systems. For many farms having closed storage system means many tons of N are retained for re application to grow more grass. 


Circular Farm systems will be driven by retaining as much N as possible within the systems ( the more you retain the fewer tons you need to buy) 

Modern farm systems reduce the amount of fresh clean water needed, so here Dungbuster clean wash and Dungbuster Greenwash are major aids in achieving these objectives ( as well as saving huge on labour)

So where in the past most farmers where just concerned about storage and application the cheapest way possible, going forward other drivers will guide you towards Circular systems and better use of resources. 


TechniPharm, We make farming ezy