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Storage Bladders: Effluent Storage and Nutrient management Solutions


With Nitrogen around $1200-$1800 / Ton, and 60% N of your open pond system evaporating to greenhouse gasses ( 8% of total green houses gasses are from your open pond system) is it not time you put a lid on it?


Storage of effluent is an ongoing matter of frustration and high cost on many NZ dairy farms. It shouldnt be... Nutrients stored properly and effluent properly stored and managed will contribute to greater farm profits as less fertiliser is needing to be obtained. The National objective strives for water quality clean to swim or drink with farm effluent being one element in the mix to achieve this objectives it makes sense we aim to contain all nutrients and where possible reuse these at every step of the way ECOBAG™ , FLEXITANK R™ are proven award winning solutions meeting the highest international standards. TIS IN THE BAG™ we say ! DNZ Open day on farm Camebridge: Mark said lots of people were impressed by it. Hopefully you get more business with it. We love it. Its a no brainer over an open pond.

Lachlan Mc Kenzie Diary Farmer Rotorua   listening to the rain falling with the knowledge that it will not be filling up the pond with fresh water that I have to pump out.

Maintenance of the 2000 Cube Ecobag in two years is almost none. some weed spraying around the edge to keep place looking smart.

The major benefit of the Ecobag in our high rainfall area ( over 3 m /year) is reduction of surface rainfall collected. I our case over 2 m l /year would fall on an equivalent pond which has to be pumped. We would fill an conventional pond over twice per year with rain water.

We spraying the stored effluent onto pasture during summer/ autumn period, ensuring the bag is empty by the end of the season. Having our 2 m l bag empty at the start of the spring season is great, we can just store effluent until ground is dryer and staff have more time to irrigate. By the way we have never even looked like fulling the bag, max it has been is around the 75-80% full.     

Several of the staff have young children which like to play on the farm. Ride bikes on the concrete yard moving to motor bikes etc. We have confidence with the Ecobag there is no danger to the youngsters. 

Being a forestry conversion farm we can see the benefits of the nutrients from the effluent. We have not done any work on if there is any more saving of nutrients I.E. nitrogen from less gas losses. 

In summary. Over the last two years minimal maintenance, significant reduction in volume pumped due to no rainwater, Staff can empty when calving pressure is reduced and finally but most significant is the improved safety.    

Flexitank R (tm) Nutrient Capture And Management Made EzyFlexitank R (tm) Nutrient Capture And Management Made EzyFlexitank R (tm) Nutrient Capture And Management Made EzyFlexitank R (tm) Nutrient Capture And Management Made EzyFlexitank R (tm) Nutrient Capture And Management Made Ezy
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Flexitank R ™ Nutrient Capture And Management Made Ezy

100- 2000 Cube Simple And Ezy Solution For All Nutrient Capture

Up to 7% of Green House gasses come from open pond systems so by investing in Flexitank Round you reduce your farm Green house storage footprint


Many open ponds store up to 30% of rainwater which all has to be pumped out again at a cost, Flexitank Round saves you from these cost 


Earthworks for an open pond can be up ton $15000.- Lining on top of that. With Flexitank Round your earthwork cost are minimal and “ roll out” created instantly storage availability 

Sort it out now and in no time.... confirm now and safe, we roll out, you connect and pump that easy With FLEXTANK R ™ there is no longer an issue, this system designed specifically for ezy storage is more or less ready to use the day it arrives on farm.


Easy Install, Clean, Safe, Circular N and NO emissions 


With a complete closed system you will capture no rain water, there is no smell, and no crusting, easy pump in and pump out and with an optional internal super efficient OLOID® stirring system you win all the way to the bank and back.The Round Flexitank R ™ is the latest structural design upgrade which mean the Bladder has superior strength ( no corners) and even distribution of forces ( all outward in same energy as its round) Older designs are square or rectangle and have larger stress points on corners . Therefore with FLEXITANK R ™ we can store higher (up to 1400 mm) as opposed to square or rectangle 1100 mm ( so FLEXITANK R (round) takes up less ground)  Outlets are determined by placing Bladder where we want it so we do not have to pre determine where these are fitted.  With an inlet option in the top center manhole there is the ability to go 360 degrees in direction, an alternative option is a center bottom outlet . An 1200 by 1200 access manhole is standard for the 500 and larger Flexitank Round and allows for a mixer to be installed if required. FLEXTANK R™ is suitable to be placed on most grounds and can be relocated in future if required. 

Fully internationally certified Flexitank Round is a great choice for an upgraded effluent storage system. 



Contact us for your make farming ezy price offer for Flexitank R


No Longer An Excuse To Run Out Of StorageNo Longer An Excuse To Run Out Of Storage
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No Longer An Excuse To Run Out Of Storage

Flexitank Round Delivers Instant Superior Storage

Nothing is worse than to run out of storage at critical times, you busy, everything gone wrong that week, 100 mm of rain tips the pond to overflow. Before Flexitank™ you be up the shit creek without a paddle, but now there is no longer any excuse not to have extra storage on hand. And the good thing is you could have it just sitting there on a pallet, ready to roll out and pump in when you need it most, its safe, risk free, great value for money and the best thing is FLEXITANK™ does not collect rain water, so you have what we call make farming ezy effective storage at your fingertips The benefits of a TechniPharm Make Farming Ezy Flexitank Round Bladder are significant : Floating 1200 by 1200 manhole in center *>500 Cube This allows for easy access and future options like a stirrer to be installed Breather and where need be emergency overflows can all be fitted ay any stage Extend handles around the perimeter This allows for easy installation and if need be future re location empty out and roll up Multiple Outlets 2 HD Outlets are provided standard, but you can add as many as you like Inlet 160 mm The 160 mm center inlet allows for any volume or system to be connected without reducing in flow No smell Close to houses or neighbours ? no smell is good. No rubbish blowing in The system is closed so no unexpected rubbish can block your irrigation system, save time and frustration No weeds. Great, no crusting no weeds, save time and save chemicals Unstable ground no issue Flexitank R can be installed on any ground situation, keep it simple, keep it cost effective All Nutrients contained N saved is N re used, its either buy new or use what you already have, save on N cost, reduce leaching Easy to manage Simple, effluent in, drain back to sump, pump to paddock Use existing pumps and sump No extra other pumps or stirrer are needed (in most sit uations) Safe no staff or kids can drown Save for all, tick the OSH box, peace of mind Fast install 3-4 hours roll out and install Strong round design Engineered to maximum structural integrity, rou nd is strong No corners for debris to settle Corners are always weak points and is where debris accumulates, removing the creates a better system Future P roof Expanding, need more storage just add an other unit and connect Expand the area of distribution Place Flexitank Round at the end of the current line and get a PTO pump to pump further a field more grass, more fertility on a larger part of the farm Res idual value A hole in the ground has no residual value a Flexitank R can be on sold Bladder systems have been common place in the EU for 60 years TechniPharm was first in bringing these systems to the market, we choose the best and most reputable manufacture to work with Fully certified Flexitank R is backed up by full international certification Value for Money Find a better offer, show us... Make contact today to secure your effluent storage compliance

Great value for money, instant risk free storage at less then $70/ cube


Oloid(r) Mixing A Stirring RevolutionOloid(r) Mixing A Stirring RevolutionOloid(r) Mixing A Stirring Revolution
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Oloid® Mixing A Stirring Revolution

Pond Stirring Is Often Costly... Not With Oloid®

Stirring ponds through a conventional propellor mixer is energy hungry, its well proven old technology and for many a choice without thought. New science and technology has developed new systems of alternative and better ways to mix fluids, no different to car or mobile phone technology, the principal is still the same, the way we do it has changed. Oloid® mixers are highly energy efficient and are used in many applications, from mixing highly dangerous fluids in manufacturing process to sewage treatment facilities and now Dairy Effluent storage systems. OLOID starts are so efficient they can run on Solar, removing a whole layer of infrastructure and saving you cost.


Ecobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management SystemEcobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management SystemEcobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management SystemEcobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management SystemEcobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management System
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Ecobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage And Management System

From 1000 Cube To 10.000 Cube 360 Effective Storage And No Crusting, Ever !

Storage and management of effluent (Nutrients) is taking a whole new turn with an ECOBAG™ from Wieffering (EU) by TechniPharm . This great solution is not only very cost effective it also means you only need limited engineering and thus lower cost. ECOBAG™ is fully contained so you are fully covered for unwanted added rain water and objects which may get into the pond No issues with liner gas bubbles as this system is fully contained and gas can escape trough the sides. Less or no evaporation of valuable N, almost no smell and no crusting ever. System includes full internal mixing solutions, including an option for Solar based mixing. ( save on power install and cost) (mixing in open air increases N losses to air which is a greenhouse gas) Sick of the smell of a pond? no problem with ECOBAG™ , close to houses or the farm cottage no issue with ECOBAG™ Need to increase storage? why not rejuvenate the old pond with ECOBAG™ and increase storage by up to 100% at the same time. What are we currently not capturing in NZ: *6.2 Million dairy cows *100Kg N/ cow if all effluent captured *620.000.000 Kg N *At $2/ Kg on the ground that is $1.24 billion *11000 dairy farms *Per farm over $100.000 in lost nutrients *Per farm $100.000 plus spent on chemical fert. Why? *Organic matter improves top soil and carbon levels *Greenhouses gasses will need to be curtailed sooner or later Be smart about storing effluent! and ensure you use most nutrients you have captured effectively, beat any greenhouse gas legislation head on before its here. Balance Agresearch study in 2015 through Aaron Staffort stated Aaron says all effluent is a valuable resource for delivering nutrients cheaply, although older effluent may mean different response rates. In total, plants respond similarly to nitrogen regardless of whether it is applied in fertiliser or effluent, although response patterns may be different due to differences in immediate availability. Minimising the loss of nitrogen from effluent and manure enables the full nutrient value of these resources to be realised. But Aaron says as dairy farms shift to bigger effluent storage ponds and with the increased use of herd shelters and standoff pads to protect the environment, finding ways to minimise ammonia loss from effluent, both in storage and upon application, will bring more benefits to farmers by retaining more of the nutrient value of the effluent.

Open pond systems are like buying a house and only using 50% of it... open pond systems store up to 50% of nothing... rainwater, free board and sludge in the bottom are not storage of effluent... just holding. Avoid this and install an ECOBAG where you only store effluent, no rain, no freeboard no sludge. Effect storage from $40.- - $80.- per Cube . Bill Honeyfield Taranaki We have competed our first season in our new dairy, we installed a 2500 Cube ECOBAG and initial herbage testing confirms we are getting much better use of N P and K from the ECOBAG then from the previous open pond system. We have now substantial savings on fertiliser for this season and giving us the confidence to extend the effluent irrigated area to spread the benefits wider I thoroughly recommend ECOBAG for effluent storage 027 448 1046 Paul Martin Dairy NZ Rural Professional 2017 Can we afford to ignore our gas losses from effluent, both during storage and application? I cannot see how, long term, New Zealand dairy farms can continue to have uncovered effluent ponds. Can we still accept the gas losses from an effluent pond? Also rainfall capture is leading to a requirement for larger holding facilities than would otherwise be required. ECOBAG and FLEXITANK R are 100% recyclable, thus providing new materials for future use Get your farm engaged with ECOBAG, over 60 years experience and knowhow at your disposal brought to you by TechniPharm we make farming ezy


Biogas Generation
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Biogas Generation

Biogas With Combibag™

BIOGAS is not for the faint hearted, if you have a very large feed pad used 365 days of the year, or a Cowhouse and at least 1000 cows, talk to us on how you can create sustainable energy to run your farm


Energy Capture With Ecobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage SystemEnergy Capture With Ecobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage System
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Energy Capture With Ecobag Nutrient Capture Effluent Storage System

Background Paper Dairy Nz And General Information

I guess were harvesting sunlight in a roundabout way. The Ministry for the Environment says agriculture accounts for about 48 per cent of New Zealands carbon emissions. A single cow produces about as much greenhouse gasses as a car each day. New Zealand also has the highest annual per capita methane emissions in the world, with about 600kg produced. The global average is about 100kg. The Ministry for the Environment estimates methane emissions in New Zealand have increased by about 10 per cent since 1990, as more farms have converted from raising sheep to dairy. If you are exploring Biogas recovery and generation of power this paper is helpful TechniPharms Greenwash dung buster and ECOBAG storage system can be incorporated in these systems. There is a system working in Morrinsvile and also one in start up in Southland. In combination with a Cowhouse/ Herdhome or Feedpad this may have great potential. Be prepared to spend a lot in time and funds and have minimal returns but a great deal of satisfaction in generating your own power The fastest and easiest recovery is from gas to hot water, a 500 cow herd and ECOBAG Nutrient Capture Effluent storage system and a gas burner can heat up to 1000 L hot water a day... free and easy and that is reducing Greenhouse gasses to something which is useful. _____