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Tagging all cows with an EID tag is simple and provides many management benefits. The ability to offer full traceability to our overseas customers is vital for the industry as a whole. But EID offers significant management benefits on farm, the real stuff, where it all happens. Get on board with EID, it's fun, gets you working on a new level and it will show you where your farms real performance strengths are. TechniPharn "we make farming ezy"

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Electronic Identification Systems

Technipharm specialises in EID. The benefits are: * Auto drafting * Auto weighing * Easy ID performance records * Easy treatment / life history recording * Location / tracing recording * Easy animal counting * Auto Feeding For our specialist EID section go to the home page and select Electronic Identification


Eid Stick Readers
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Eid Stick Readers

Easy Portability For Your Tag Reading

Entry level cost effective readers. Ideal for reading EID tags on cattle in a race or handler for general data collection. Although a little more manual operation is required to use the stick reader, its portable so you have a flexibility to use it at various sites it doesnt have to be attached to the yard or handler. It even allows for paddock reading. Technipharm is your one stop EID shop - by purchasing your EID system from a single supplier means that you know who to call when you have a problem! Call us to discuss what you require to advance your farm management. Blue Tooth or Cable options available.


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