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Electronic Identification for Beef

Electronic Identification for Beef

Eid For Cattle
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Eid For Cattle

EID for beef is ezy and gives the commercial (and not so commercial) beef farmer some realistic and new opportunities to make more money from their investment. EID gives you the opportunity to track each animal in the herd... rather than whole herd management you will be able to see what animal is putting on the beef and which ones are just eating your grass and costing you money. In any herd there are high performers and slackers... we assume you farm for high performance...not slackers on holiday at your expense. At TechniPharm we have no particular or binding agreement with any supplier or manufacturer so we can assist and evaluate your needs. We can independently determine and recommend what the best system is for your farming situation. Call us today 0800 80 90 98 for an appointment or email us at support@technipharm.co.nz


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Electronic Identification Systems

EID for beef is allowing you to be a more profitable farmer without working harder... Facts and Stats about your conversion grass to beef is vital in optimising your output. Bluntly you are first and formost a drymatter and energy grass growing operation... secondly you are a converter of grass to protein... in the beeffarmers case Meat. How well you convert has a direct bearing on your profitability. The smarter you go about this the more money you make. Technipharm can make your farming ezy with EID. Benefits are *Auto drafting * Auto weighing * Easy ID performance records * Easy treatment / life history recording * location/tracing recording * Easy animal counting * Auto Feeding Keen to know more? call us 0800 80 90 98


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