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Electronic Identification for Dairy

Electronic Identification for Dairy

Eid For DairyEid For DairyEid For DairyEid For Dairy
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Eid For Dairy

High producing farms have used EID systems for years to track production and individual animal performance. Many of these farms out produce the average herd by up to 100% and more. Now EID makes it possible and provides the opportunity for every dairy farmer to achieve better results. With EID you can create systems to track weight, SCC, protein, fat, milk volume and general animal wellbeing including heat detection. With this information you can make significant management decisions and plan for things you would normally not see and miss. EID may lead to some farmers deciding to skip the herd testing system and do their own in house monitoring... EID provides for herd testing every day without the hassle. TechniPharm is not tied to any particular manufacturer or supplier and as such we can just give you independent information or help you with information and recommendations to put a system together. If you want to know more and evaluate the opportunities call us 0800 80 90 98 or email us at: support@technipharm.co.nz and we will get our Independent Dairy Management Specialist to talk to you about available systems and what they can do for you.


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Electronic Identification Systems

TechniPharm specialises in EID. Benefits are * Auto drafting * Auto weighing * Easy ID performance records * Easy treatment / life history recording * location/tracing recording * Easy animal counting EID recording is the future of farming and quality supply/bio security issues. The sooner farmers grab the opportunity by the horns the more security they will install in the industry and NZ will secure supply as a high quality food supplier.


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