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Empty Bag™

Empty Bag(tm)
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Empty Bag™

A Fast And Safe Way To Empty A Big Bag

Big bags are popular, fertiliser, sand, seed, you name it it can be bought in an empty bag. Emptying an empty bag is a different story.... but now there is EMPTY BAG™ a easy fast and safe method to empty a big bag. from Stuff article Dec 2016 from very frustrated farmer: In the past, the bags had a clever configuration which allowed you to open up a hole at the bottom and direct the flow of fertiliser into your spreader and then close the flow off with a draw string at your discretion. To my surprise, the newly purchased bags did not have a hole. I rang the fertiliser company and asked where is the hole to let the fertiliser out? I could not believe it when he told me that the bags no longer had the hole for health and safety reasons. I was told I would have to cut a hole myself because for health and safety reasons, the bags were now single-use ones. Because my fertiliser spreader only holds one-third of a 500kg bag, it was not as simple as just stabbing a hole in the bag and letting it all flow out. I had to cut a hole one-third of the way down, angle the heavy bag on the tractor forks and physically scoop the fertiliser out, which is way more riskier method than before as I had to use a knife and climb up on the bike to do

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