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Envira Nozzle™ Be Fde Compliant

Envira Nozzle(tm) Be Fde  CompliantEnvira Nozzle(tm) Be Fde  Compliant
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Envira Nozzle™ Be Fde Compliant

Non-block Nozzle Design With Ideal Spreading Features

The now well established and used Envira Nozzle™ provides for a much more even spread of effluent on the ground. This means that by installing Envira Nozzle an effluent irrigator will work better and this will help *better and more even pasture growth *better use of the fertilizer applied *better grazing as an even spread will ensure a quicker absorption by the bio mass so pasture does not stink of effluent in the next grazing round. Get a set today!

$39.95 NZD + GST
Part No. IRPEN