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Eze™ Bloodless Castrator™

Eze(tm)  Bloodless Castrator(tm)
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Eze™ Bloodless Castrator™

New From Technipharm

Switch today to delayed castration More and more farmers want late castrating options, often they will request your help for animals older than 6 months. The EZE is the tool to use, For bigger, healthier animals that gain weight much faster than their steer mates. Bloodless..avoid setback 15% faster weight gain No artificial growth hormones needed! Fast and easy to use Castrate at any time of the year minimal discomfort to animal and no interruption of daily gain Bands can be applied standing The unit is made of strong stainless steel and alloy 3 year warranty from the home of castrating tools! TechniPharm.. Call NZ0800 80 90 98 or AUS 1800 124 034 for sales or ask for a free information pack. Checking of animal wellbeing legislation recommended for all methods of castration

$895.00 NZD + GST
Part No. EZE50