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Fixed effluent Irrigation, design, systems @ equipment.

Effluent management can be a serious issue for some farmers.. yet others understand that there is money in muck and that its not that complicated....
Cow effluent is a valuable resource... as a matter of fact what is not turned into milk is simply excreted... so there is energy and nutrients left which can be given a second chance to be turned into grass... from there to milk... To be on a environmentaly sustainable platform start planning now.
See also our special solutions in variable pressure systems

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Advance Traveling Irrigator 7 Meter BoomAdvance Traveling Irrigator 7 Meter BoomAdvance Traveling Irrigator 7 Meter BoomAdvance Traveling Irrigator 7 Meter Boom
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Advance Traveling Irrigator 7 Meter Boom

The Advanced Model For Todays Fde Compliant Systems With Rapidflow™ Boom

To be environmentally compliant you have to have good systems. At the end of any system is always some sort of spreading / distribution device! This is where it actually happens, this where the rubber hits the road or shall we say crap hits the grass so it makes sense to have a well designed and manufactured unit. Achieve best effluent output with the unique Variable Direct Drive Advance Irrigator. The extremely robust and patented drive mechanism means an optimum conversion of pump energy to drive energy, quick setup plus low maintenance. This unit is Robust and well made, to last the distance. Great ability to vary the application rate from as little as 5 mm per application to well over 100 mm. (unit shown is the mega advance) Independent test results confirm *Overlap 28-30 meters no spacings between runs gave a high uniformity *This irrigator was able to apply effluent at a very low rate which indicates it could match infiltration and water holding of many soils. *with higher operating pressures this machine can have a high uniformity with the overlapped application coefficient of variation for a single transect attaining levels around the Fertilizer Spreader benchmark of 0.15 *with the low application rates this machine can achieve, multiple passes in a season are a viable option Now with Dynathene Rope cableand  with Rapidfow boom which means less energy pumping more energy spreading & ower applications. Check the Du rating and specific guide and performance chart!! FDE Good practice on Application Uniformity All liquid FDE land application systems must achieve a DUuq (as defined in the accompanying FDE Design Code of Practice) of no greater than 1.25.


Recently John Espin (Taranaki) invested in a second Advance Irrigator. His environmental checkup indicated top performance  impressed was his comment . 


$6785.00 NZD + GST
Part No. IRA7


Turbo T(tm)
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Turbo T™

Eliminate Blockages

The Turbo T™ from TechniPharm is designed to make your farming ezy...blockages can be a pain. Turbo T™ will create a vortex in the chamber which will aid the breaking up of debris before it enters the boom If a blockage occurs all you have to do is open the chamber for access, rather than taking the whole boom to bits.

$315.00 NZD + GST
Part No. IRTT


Effluent ManagementEffluent ManagementEffluent ManagementEffluent Management
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Effluent Management


With environmental matters high on the agenda it pays to consider TechniPharm in your strategic planning

With products like the Dungbuster Auto Yard cleaning system you clean the yard as the cows move, removing urine off the yard before it evaporates into Greenhouse Gasses .


Flexitank Round and Ecobags enclosed storage systems mean you contain N and reduce Greenhouse gasses. A recent study at Lincoln University shows up to 8% of Greenhouse gasses come from open pond systems. For many farms having closed storage system means many tons of N are retained for re application to grow more grass. 


Circular Farm systems will be driven by retaining as much N as possible within the systems ( the more you retain the fewer tons you need to buy) 

Modern farm systems reduce the amount of fresh clean water needed, so here Dungbuster clean wash and Dungbuster Greenwash are major aids in achieving these objectives ( as well as saving huge on labour)

So where in the past most farmers where just concerned about storage and application the cheapest way possible, going forward other drivers will guide you towards Circular systems and better use of resources. 


TechniPharm, We make farming ezy




Effluent System PlansEffluent System Plans
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Effluent System Plans

Planning Is Vital

No system can be put together without a good plan! A good plan means its going to work and you get the right equipment and recommendations. With resource consents being strict and a requirement to follow good practice under the new FDE requirements, it is important you do everything you need to be compliant. Once you have a complete plan we can give you a cost picture. If you have no plan, call us now, we will happily organize one for you.


Envira Nozzle(tm) Be Fde  CompliantEnvira Nozzle(tm) Be Fde  Compliant
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Envira Nozzle™ Be Fde Compliant

Non-block Nozzle Design With Ideal Spreading Features

The now well established and used Envira Nozzle™ provides for a much more even spread of effluent on the ground. This means that by installing Envira Nozzle an effluent irrigator will work better and this will help *better and more even pasture growth *better use of the fertilizer applied *better grazing as an even spread will ensure a quicker absorption by the bio mass so pasture does not stink of effluent in the next grazing round. Get a set today!

$39.95 NZD + GST
Part No. IRPEN


Eisele Vertical Stirr Pump Combination For SludgeEisele Vertical Stirr Pump Combination For SludgeEisele Vertical Stirr Pump Combination For SludgeEisele Vertical Stirr Pump Combination For Sludge
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Eisele Vertical Stirr Pump Combination For Sludge

A Real Pump For Real Sludge

The Eisele range of pumps is manufactured in Germany (since 1887) and is a leading supplier of sludge pumping equipment in the EU. These people know everything there is to know about sludge pumping.. heavy sludge and lots of it. This partcular vertical pump has been imported to NZ by TechniPharm for well over 10 years, initially just for special situations, but over the last few years as word has spread we get more and more main enquiries for anything to do with sludge, feedpads, cowhouses, herd homes anywhere we need a sludge solution Eisele can do it... where others fail Eisele picks up....


Eisele - Surface Mounted  PumpEisele - Surface Mounted  PumpEisele - Surface Mounted  Pump
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Eisele - Surface Mounted Pump

Variable Pressure Surface Pump Self Priming

This 15kw 600litre per minute German made pump is designed to pump sludge or effluent at high pressure (3-7 bar) The unique rubber lobes push the effluent where you need it to be. This unit is self priming and poised for action. Beats any open chamber impeller pump hands down. The unit is to be mounted on a concrete pad next to your pond or sump and is self priming. No pontoons or access issues.


Submersible PumpSubmersible Pump
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Submersible Pump

Submersible Sludge Pump High Capacity Volumes

This pump is an alternative option where vertical sludge pumps can not be installed or where transfer of material from one sump to an other sump or pond is required without stirring.

Price on application


Techni-float(tm) SwitchTechni-float(tm) SwitchTechni-float(tm) SwitchTechni-float(tm) Switch
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Techni-float™ Switch

A Decent Ball Float, Stainless Shaft And Quality Components

This adjustable Techni-Float™ switch allows you to easily set the ideal level for the pump to be triggered on or off. This unit can be bolted onto a concrete sump wall (specify bracket needed) It comes in two models, standard for sumps 1200mm-1800mm deep and Large/Jumbo for sumps up to 3000mm


Pressure Gauge Fde Compliant
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Pressure Gauge Fde Compliant

Pressure Gauge For Effluent Fde Compliant

Standard pressure gauges do not work well for effluent, they block. The TechniPharm specially developed effluent gauge does not block and is particularly suitable for monitoring effluent system pressures at any point from pump to irrigator. FDE rules stipulate a pressure gauge should be mounted at the pump end and at the last hydrant end to the Irrigator. FDE Guideline on Pressure Variation: The FDE land application system must be designed to apply within +/- 10% of target applied depth with acceptable uniformity and application intensity in any location. In general the total pressure at the applicator(s) should not vary by more than: 20% of the design operating pressure at any point in the system Provision must be made for pressure measurement at the outlets/sprinklers as well as at the pump.

$225.00 NZD + GST
Part No. IRPGA


Hydraflo(tm) HydrantsHydraflo(tm) HydrantsHydraflo(tm) Hydrants
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Hydraflo™ Hydrants

Free Flow- No Blockages

The fastest and most professional way to get effluent from a buried pipeline to your irrigator * Eliminates blockage * No mess or leakage from camlock joints. * Unique rubber seals means installation is very economical and easy. * Totally hot dipped galvanised for extreme durability. For high pressure systems we can provide 100 mm ID hydrants.


Hydraflo(tm) Hydrants 1 Way - 4 WayHydraflo(tm) Hydrants 1 Way - 4 WayHydraflo(tm) Hydrants 1 Way - 4 Way
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Hydraflo™ Hydrants 1 Way - 4 Way

1-way To 4-way Hydrants

* 1- Way Hydrant * 2- Way Hydrant (as shown) * Hydrant Adapter * 3- Way Straight Hydrant * 4- Way Hydrant (intersection of main lines allows you to direct effluent in just one direction) Installing hydrants in your effluent irrigation system is the best and safest way to get effluent from A to B. Oversize Hydrants available on request.


Poly PipePoly Pipe
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Poly Pipe

Poly pipe comes in many grades and sizes. Contact us for the best product available for your dollar and needs.


Pvc PipePvc Pipe
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Pvc Pipe

The Ultimate Mainline

When it comes to laying the system and longevity this product is simply superior value for money.


Lay-flat HoseLay-flat Hose
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Lay-flat Hose

Easy To Pull And Put Away

Incredibly tough & durable. UV stabilized Heavy Duty layflat that wont split when exposed to frosty conditions. A Reel carries 100M hose and can be attached to the Advance Irrigator


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For drag hose or any other above ground system which is moved regularly. Camlocks in many sizes and configurations make for an easy way to join whatever it is you need to run an effluent system.


Magic(tm) Hose ReelMagic(tm) Hose ReelMagic(tm) Hose Reel
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Magic™ Hose Reel

Winding Up Lay Flat Hose

Specifically developed to wind up large volumes of hose in a short period of time. Great for moving a whole system paddock to paddock. 2 models for 50mm layflat or 75 mm layflat hose. Ideal unit for contractors pumping out large volumes of effluent. The price is dependent on application, volume of hose and number of reels.


Ecobag(tm) Effluent Storage SystemEcobag(tm) Effluent Storage SystemEcobag(tm) Effluent Storage SystemEcobag(tm) Effluent Storage SystemEcobag(tm) Effluent Storage System
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Ecobag™ Effluent Storage System

From 1000 Cube To 15000 Cube

Storage of effluent is taking a whole new turn with an ECO BAG from Wieffering (EU) by TechniPharm . This great solution is not only very cost effective it also means you do need limited engineering as all is fully contained and you are fully covered for unwanted added rain water and objects which may get into the pond No issues with liner gas bubbles as this system is fully contained Less evaporation of valuable N , almost no smell and no crusting ever. System includes full mixing solutions.

Pay only for effective storage!


Eisele - Submersible MixerEisele - Submersible Mixer
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Eisele - Submersible Mixer


Eisele submersible mixers have been produced since 1982 and have demonstrated their worth a thousand times in agriculture and industry. The EISELE submersible motors which are impermeable to water pressure guarantee a powerful performance.


Stirrers For Sumps And PondsStirrers For Sumps And PondsStirrers For Sumps And Ponds
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Stirrers For Sumps And Ponds

Electric Stirrers

The Eisele range of stirrers is a very powerful solution to stirring sumps and ponds. Horizontal stirrers stir a pond in a circular push around motion Conventional stirring (vertically placed shaft direction ) is ok for small sumps, but not great for stirring various levels of deeper sumps or ponds. The stirrers come in various models and options for ponds, sumps or above ground ponds.


Effluent PondsEffluent PondsEffluent Ponds
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Effluent Ponds

A New Pond, Upgrade, Need Lining?

If you are upgrading your pond system or building a new one you have come to the right address. There is more to ponds than meets the eye. See also our Ecobag storage system under Effluent storage solutions Give us a call to discuss your needs.


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