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Flexitank R ™ Nutrient Capture And Management Made Ezy

Flexitank R (tm) Nutrient Capture And Management Made EzyFlexitank R (tm) Nutrient Capture And Management Made Ezy
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Flexitank R ™ Nutrient Capture And Management Made Ezy

Every One Making Effluent Storage Complicated?

Sort it out in no time.... confirm now and safe, we roll out, you connect and pump that easy With FLEXTANK R)tm) there is no longer an issue, this system designed specifically for ezy storage is more or less ready to use the day it arrives on farm. With a complete closed system you will capture no rain water, there is no smell, and no crusting, easy pump in and pump out and with an optional internal super efficient OLOID® stirring system you win all the way to the bank and back. The Round Flexitank R ™ is the latest structural design upgrade which mean the Bladder has superior strength ( no corners) and even distribution of forces ( all outward in same energy as its round) Older designs are square or rectangle and have larger stress points on corners . Therefore with FLEXITANK R ™ we can store higher (up to 1400 mm) as opposed to square or rectangle 1100 mm ( so FLEXITANK R (ound) takes up less ground) Access points are easy as we have an inlet in middle with ability to go 360 degrees direction to where we need it and outlet determined by placing Bladder where we want it so we do not have to pre determine where this is placed as its round so we can turn it what ever way we want ( now or later) An access manhole is standard and allows for a mixer to be installed if required. FLEXTANK R™ is most suitable for unstable grounds, and in situations were there is emergency storage needed as a back up, or 30-100 day storage at certain times of the year, but where most effluent is pumped out direct to pasture most of the time. Where there is a feed pad and larger amounts of solids are present the ECOBAG™ system should be considered as a superior long term solution. ECOBAG and FLEXITANK R are 100% recyclable, thus providing new materials for future use

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