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Gallagher Tsi

Gallagher Tsi
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Gallagher Tsi

Optimum Weigh Data Recording On Site

How can the Gallagher TSi help improve livestock, management and performance? The TSi allows you to instantly record and access data on the performance of both individual animals and groups of animals. This enables you to make critical assessments and strategic farm management decisions - in the office, in the yard or anywhere on the farm. The TSi is an animal weighing and data collection tool that is specifically designed for life on the farm. It has an all-weather exterior and intuitive, simple to use touch screen technology. You can get immediate access to livestock management information anywhere, at anytime. It also comes loaded with sophisticated yet easy to understand Animal Performance™ Systems Software (APS Office) for data analysis and reporting. The TS is touch screen and tough, its waterproof exterior makes it perfect for crush side and farm activities. We can record virtually anything about each and every one of our animals and get access to this information when were out on the farm and need it most. Its easy to use and all of our activities and trait recording can pretty much be done by any member of our staff. Nathanael McGhee, Cattle Breeder - Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia.

$4990.00 NZD + GST
Part No. GLTSI


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