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Gentle Animal Control Unit

Gentle Animal Control Unit
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Gentle Animal Control Unit

Gentler In Design And Application

The Gentler Animal Control unit is a one piece pacifier revolutionary in design and application Gentler neuron frequencies settle the animal in a passive state which allows work on the animal the happen reducing the dangers of injury. The technology is widely recognised around the world in the treatment of back pain or severe muscle tension in humans. How does it work: A very low electric pulse frequency is transmitted trough the cell walls of the rectum and creates a chain reaction in the muscle mas of the animal. This in turn reduces the ability of the animal to create the fright hormone cortisol which is the stress hormone. It also reduces the production of adrenaline which is the flight hormone. Both these hormones create the danger zones when handling animals and can result in injury to humans trough unexpected and movements. Cortisol is a hormone you do not want to create in animals as it takes a long time for this to be re absorbed and subside and during that time 48-72 hours the production of the animal will significantly reduce. Various 2 piece instruments connected by leads have been on the market for many years, this is the first one piece unit on the market, manufactured in Germany to the highest manufacturing and EU animal wellbeing standards and will be a great asset to many farmers This tool is one piece including rechargeable batteries, low in maintenance and very low in cost of operation.( This unit is not available currently due to supply chain issues) 

Great for first calvers milk training Great for hoofcare Great for staff safety Teatsealing ? In leading up to the Teat Seal season the Gentler is an incredible tool to take the stress out of the animal and improve staff safety Inserting teat seal is a tedious job, it requires the person inserting the teat seal compound to hold the teat firmly and insert a syringe gently into the teat canal and then releasing the plug An animal moving during this time will not only increase her discomfort but also increase the time it takes to insert the teatseal as well as increase the likely hood of the animal kicking which can impose a safety risk for the person operating . A Gentler™ animal control unit will help both animal and operator to complete this procedure quickly and without stress or safety concerns .

$1495.00 NZD + GST


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