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Sheep handlers come in many sizes and abilities... you can spend a little or a lot...

TechniPharm has developed a Sheep handler which does all, from a small lamb to a large ewe, this unit loads and reloads while you are working. From a simple crutch to hoof trimming, mouthing or putting in an ear tag and at the same time check the udder.

Combination Drafter & Handler
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Combination Drafter & Handler

Set up the SupaHandler and the Drafter as an "in series" system. The 2 units will look after all your weighing, drafting and handling requirements. Each unit works totally independent or in tandem...each is designed to give you the best features available to perform the tasks at hand.


Supahandler 3000™Supahandler 3000™Supahandler 3000™
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Supahandler 3000™

100% Dedicated To Handling Your Sheep - As Seen On Tv1 News!

This fully automatic air assisted cradle will save your back, and do the job better than ever before. The Supahandler focuses "solely" on presenting the animal, by picking it up and turning it over for you. While you work on this animal the next one will be loaded for handling, allowing for quick and easy operation. Ideal for jobs like crutching, mouthing, feet work, udder checking, capsule insertion, Pour-on applications, Preg testing, eye wigging, cripping/castrating, scrotum measurement, blood sampling and pizzeling. Ask about our Combination Handler a Weigh/draft unit all in one.