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Highflow 260 Hd Extreme™ Cattle Handler Farm-ready

Highflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-readyHighflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-readyHighflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-readyHighflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-readyHighflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-readyHighflow 260 Hd Extreme(tm) Cattle Handler Farm-ready
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Highflow 260 Hd Extreme™ Cattle Handler Farm-ready

The Golden Standard In Handling Cattle

The Highflow 260 HD Extreme™ has been designed from the ground up, taking on board considerations and ideas from farmers accross NZ and AUS from the last 30 years. This is the Golden Standard in handling. High Performance starts right here... The Highflow 260 HD Extreme™ is designed for the very serious stockman. This is the stake in the ground where real handling starts and mediocre handling stops. For far too long the market has been serviced by beer budgets-champagne expected outcomes. The Highflow 260 HD Extreme is not just about steel or power... its about clever and intelligent engineering for a purpose. The purpose is to stress free hold any size of beast and give the operator ultimate safe control. Highflow 260 HD Extreme™ headbail creates room to work while holding the animal safe and secure. Its a robust system, fingertip controlled. Highflow 260 HD Extreme™ is serious handling equipment for the very serious non-compromising professional farmer. The positioning of the EID panel is unique and delivers great reach and reading ability where it counts! Full head access front and back ensures you can do what it takes in safety and comfort. No Bull hold money back guarantee This is what Susan and Roger Twin Oak Angus have to say about Highflow 260 Happy to talk to anyone who wants to about the handler we love it! We believe the Highflow 260 is the best piece of cattle handling equipment on the market. In the current environment of health and safety keeping our staff, family and ourselves safe while working with cattle is crucial. A job that is made simple with the Highflow 260. The angle of the head bale gives easy and safe access for injections, drenching or capsules. The cattle are caught and held securely so they dont move around or get stressed. Having the three-way drafter makes for stress-free drafting and sorting of stock. We would recommend the Highflow 260 as an essential part of any cattle yarding system. Roger and Susan Hayward Twin Oaks Angus NZ At John Chapmans Temuka Quarantine station over 100.000 animals went through the Highflow 260 in 12 months, high performance is the key win this operation where often several 1000 animals go through the unit per day. In 2019 John and Liz Mckerchar obtained a new Highflow 260 for their Early Gestation bull complex, after the first sale on the new block and having handled several hundred bulls Johns comments are, Superior handling, great access to the head which is what we need for our operation, couldnt be happier, also the Presto shed cover we invested in just made it so easy and comfortable for all to get the job done John or Liz are happy to talk to any farmer wanting to share in the benefits of the Highflow 260 handler

The Highflow 260 Handler is the Golden standard in high performance handling, its priced to make sure you get best value and we stay in business.



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