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Irrisafe With Effluetrack

Irrisafe With Effluetrack
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Irrisafe With Effluetrack

The Check And Control System For Your Effluent Irrigator

Efflutrack is a fail-safe device for travelling irrigators, designed to automatically shut the pump off in the event of an issue. The system can be controlled remotely by a cell phone and will send an alert to the farmers phone in the event of any irregularities with the application. Efflutrack is a simple to use system that is designed to be robust and fit for purpose and is able to be adapted to suit the farms exact needs depending on the number of pumps or irrigators they run. These units can be sent ready to use directly to the farm and are simple to install all it requires is an electrician to wire the pump unit in and someone to attach the irrigator unit and magnets to the irrigator, and it is good to go. Each unit has an up front cost and small a monthly connectivity cost for the sim cards with the price depending on the service provider and the number of pumps and irrigators the farms system will run. An annual servicing fee that will include a yearly visit for battery replacement and servicing of any faulty parts as well as one further call out to cover any other damage that many occur. Efflusafe is all about making your farming ezy



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