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Kattle Gear Permanent Race and Force

Kattle Gear Australia is one of TechniPharms Cattle Handling equipment partners, the company based in Bendigo has a reputation with many Australian beef producers for ergonomically designed superior designed and constructed yard systems. TechniPharm is proud to have available for NZ Beef producers their highly sought after lead in race and force system. For the real serious beef producer this is it...

Kattle Gear Permanent Force And RaceKattle Gear Permanent Force And RaceKattle Gear Permanent Force And Race
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Kattle Gear Permanent Force And Race

The Kattle Gear Permanent Force and race was designed based on extensive animal behaviour studies and research including evaluation of many cattle handling systems. There is simply no better system for larger herds (200 and up) The force is a 360 degree panel that encourages flow, a side gate leading to the loading ramp ensures fast and safe loading and unloading. Animals move because they are encouraged to flow by design rather than by a stick or shouting.. Significant large producers in NZ and Australia use the Kattle Gear system


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