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Farm Safety In Animal Handling
Farm Safety In Animal Handling (1)
Farm safety is and always has been an issue, many farmers have learned from practical experience and "know the dangers" animals are unpredictable, farm equipment can get caught up in undesirable situations. Maintenance and pre use checks may not always happen when they should. Also many farmers are now on average older and we are engaged in more distractions (Mobile phones for example) With a focus on safety TechniPharm aims to provide some solutions and suggestions to minimise the dangers, we invite you to talk to us and help you where we can add value. for starters a simple 3 point check

1) always check equipment before use, yes that includes animal handling equipment, check the head bail is locking properly , check gate latches are locking, grease where need be and make sure trip hazards are removed or identified.

2) have a look at how you do things, are there better ways of doing it? are staff properly equipped? do you have designated safe area's (we recommend that cattle and people are kept separated when possible, so a handler or headbail open to a pen with stock is not safe)

3) what else can you do? have you considered an upgrade to more relevant up to date design? remember equipment designed in the past is based on what the past determined was "safe" Design and materials may have changed.

Some product and recommendations which may help

1) A Pacifier can help a great deal in keeping stock relaxed so you can do what ever you need to do with stock

2) Headbails with secondary safety locks may just be that extra safety you after, our Rotating yoke Headbail is the only headbail on the market with this feature.
Alternatively large stock units may consider full Hydraulic "hands off" equipped units
Technipharm provides a range of handling systems for Beef, Sheep and Dairy animal handling, we have been in business nearly 30 years and have an experienced team

3) Yard and Handlers with lots of gates and safe access points, properly designed access to headbails and stock treatment area's are critical design "hot" spots
We happy to help you with a handling facilities assessment and provide some recommendations for what needs doing. (base cost time @ $55/hr and travel at Km rate )

Call us 0800 80 90 98

also see for general farm safety information and tools

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Handling Equipment
Handling Equipment (7)
If you handle Cattle, its a matter of having the right gear to do the job, yet you do not wish to overcapitalise... so its a mix between best to use and best use of dollars. In the end a cattle beast is a cattle beast no matter if you are having 5 or 200 cattle. Do not compromise to much... its also your safety and pleasure in working your "let we say hobby"

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Weigh Systems
Weigh Systems (3)
Ever noted how the butcher weighs what you buy? so why should you sell without knowing the weight of your stock? Let some one else make the money? A weigh system is not expensive... itcan be expensive not to have one....

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Animal Care: Castrating tools
Animal Care: Castrating tools (2)
Of course when you farm animals you need the gear to do the job... be it recovery or castrating, we make farming ezy

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Animal Care: Gas Debudders
Animal Care: Gas Debudders (1)
The LPG Gas Debudder is great for fast and safe debudding, simply bolt the fitting at the end of the hose to your standard LPG regular fitting BBQ gas bottle. Maintains highest temperature 500-600C ensuring a quick & efficient job - No waiting for it to reheat - just one calf after the other! A cordless, multi-use, gas debudder is also available.

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WeeYards™ (7)
Based on the same quality and design principles of big brother SMART YARDS, WEEYARDS are like a "mecano" set, easy to assemble, change and build onto. As a Lifestyle farmer you may not know exactly where your future lies... with a WEEYARD you can start small and build up as you go. If you decide to sell up, the yards can be sold as a chattel.

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Animal Care: Anlift cattle lifter
Animal Care: Anlift cattle lifter (1)
Awarded as best lifter on the market. This is not a potato sling but a proper front to rear support frame and canvas to support animals for longer periods. It is the very best way to get blood circulating again, which is vital to get the animal back on its feet. (Med and large size).

1 product - view it here
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