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Loading Ramps

We do them all, straight, with or without catwalk, mobile, curved and the best one of all the PRORAMP.
Designed with truck driver safety in mind PRORAMP is designed with future OSH loading and unloading safety features in mind.

Loading Ramps - Adjust-a-bullLoading Ramps - Adjust-a-bull
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Loading Ramps - Adjust-a-bull

Adjust-a-bull™ Ramps

Adjust-A-Bull™ loading ramp provides a smart solution for every yard. They come curved or straight, with or without cat walk and the option to be made mobile.

$3750.00 NZD + GST

Loading Ramps - Pro-rampLoading Ramps - Pro-ramp
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Loading Ramps - Pro-ramp


This ramp is build to the highest standards. Catwalks on both sides and an escape deck with side gates. Side gates closed will stop the flow of cattle and protect the driver/stock handler from backing out stock from the truck. We believe this should be the minimum standard on all loading ramps for safety and stress free loading

$12950.00 NZD + GST
Part No. LRPR


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