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Midranger™ Full Size Headbail

Midranger(tm) Full Size HeadbailMidranger(tm) Full Size Headbail
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Midranger™ Full Size Headbail

The Midranger™ full size concertina head bail pre dates the Rotating Yoke, there are nevertheless many hundreds of these units around the country. This head bail was a revolution when first released in 1995. The fact that it fully opened and had a silent infinite locking system was very unique. The hydralock™ technology is now widely used. This head bail is strong and heavy and suitable for all type of cattle. The rubber lined yoke and neck extenders which were later design innovations makes this head bail a true winner. Lugs on the unit allows you to bolt this straight onto a set of post or bolt to older type crush or handlers. Comes both in Galv and Powdercoated as an option. Near or Off side handle and rear operation kit available. You choose.

$4895.00 NZD + GST


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