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Mobile Ramp, Headlock And Yards

Mobile Ramp, Headlock And YardsMobile Ramp, Headlock And Yards
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Mobile Ramp, Headlock And Yards

Great Set Up For Run Off, Calving Or Treating Cows

This mobile loading ramp offers so much more than just a ramp, we have added a headlock, (for holding animals only, not to be used as permanent headbail for heavy stock work) panels and gates. Take this anywhere on the farm or runoff or lease block and you can load and treat cows with ease. The Ramp is Heavy duty with solid wide wheels, up to 20 panels/gates can be carried in and on the side of the ramp. All easy set up and pack up.

Complete RR $16,695.Plus GST and Freight, on line price $14,995.- plus GST and Freight. Call us now 0800 80 90 98

Note: A total of 15 panels including gates come with the system as standard.
Order an additional 5 panels for a larger pen, if needed.